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Green Pregnancy

brenda albano

August 7, 2019

Green Pregnancy Means Healthy Baby

Green pregnancy is about what to eat and not about your carbon footprint during pregnancy. However, we are on the right track with a green pregnancy if we stay close to Earth and denatured food during pregnancy.

Greens are on the top of any healthy diet list. Greens carry through them chlorophyll which is to plants what blood is to mammals.

What greens? Well, the darker the better. They are full of magnesium which is great for the nerves to begin with.

I have several favorite recipes that involve greens for pregnancy:

  • Greens, chicken, apple, cranberry and walnut salad with feta cheese (with warm bread and Roasted Garlic Oil)
  • Thai lettuce wraps (deconstructed salad with an Asian twist)
  • Green fruit smoothie (don’t freak until you try it)
  • Garlic green beans (you will never see green beans the same again)
  • Spinach and garlic tilapia (the best way to get more fish into your diet)

Greens in a juicer are the very best way to enjoy them but these recipes should do the trick to getting more greens in you for your healthy pregnancy. Follow the links to the recipes. Visit our articles for Pregnancy Diet as well.

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