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Understanding of Serrapeptase Benefits for Fertility, How It Works, It’s Safety and Role In Male Fertility: A Comprehensive Guide

Brenda Albano

July 25, 2022

Understanding of Serrapeptase Benefits For Fertility, Its Working, Safety, Role In Male Fertility A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a man dealing with decreased sperm count or a woman with blocked fallopian tubes for instance, you might find there is a new kid on block that might help. Though serrapeptase is not well known, it often can help. The serrapeptase benefits for fertility are many. Furthermore, because it is derived from natural sources, it is not hazardous unless abused.

Serrapeptase is a substance produced by silkworms. In Japan and Europe, serrapeptase has been categorized as a medication and used to treat a variety of diseases. As a result, here in the US and other parts of the world, serrapeptase is now classified as a dietary supplement by nutritionists and food experts alike.

Serrapeptase is the best natural anti inflammatory supplement most often chosen for chronic conditions such as back pain, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis pain, as well as other disorders that cause pain and swelling (inflammation). This article will highlight the not as well known benefits of what is called the miracle enzyme serrapeptase such as benefits for fertility, for males and females, how it works, and its advantages and safety.

Serrapeptase Male Fertility

Serrapeptase and male fertility: Is there a link? Read on as we connect the dots.

Male infertility is caused by a variety of factors, including low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, sperm production being poor, sperm function being defective, or sperm delivery being blocked. Any type of testicular, prostate, or sexual dysfunction might cause problems with male fertility. Male infertility can also be caused by cancer and / or its treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, which can impede or even kill sperm production.

Serrapeptase is one of the best remedies for chronic pain and oftentimes serrapeptase and curcumin are used together to reduce inflammation and boost the anti-inflammatory process.

Non-hormonal attention is often overlooked as an essential part in male infertility but it may fix the cause of infertility, if it is due to inflammation or blockage. It may also improve sperm parameters by altering the environment where spermatozoa are formed and mature.

Some enzymes function as anti-inflammatory agents, assisting in breaking down chemicals in the bloodstream that promote inflammation and infection. Serratiopeptidase (serrapeptase) and bromelain are two examples of these enzymes and because they promote healthy blood flow are studied as well for their help with infertility in men.

Serrapeptase benefits for fertility: Blood flow through the penis (resulting in an erection and the possibility of achieving orgasm, the release of sperm) can be aided by serrapeptase by its proteolytic ability to break down and then remove clots from the blood vessels in the penis. This, in turn, increases blood flow and subsequently improves male fertility.

When combined with antibiotics, serrapeptase may increase sperm count in males with reproductive health issues. According to experts, the silkworm enzyme’s potential to promote fertility when combined with antibiotics is mainly due to the silkworm enzyme’s ability to boost antibiotic efficacy. Serratiopeptidase appears to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and fibrinolytic/caseinolytic properties.

NOTE: We do not endorse the use of antibiotics unless there is bacteria found present and even then suggest researching frankincense, oregano oil or other natural antibiotics as more natural and yet still effective options.

In patients with 2 years or more of infertility and male accessory gland infection/inflammation, clinical research found a minor significant increase in sperm count compared to pretreatment value after therapy with levofloxacin + serratiopeptidase. However, sperm motility and morphology were unaffected.

NOTE: Again, this is for the purpose of giving the reader choice but we would suggest exploring natural alternatives rather than dealing later with side effects and issues from pharmaceutical choices.

Is it Safe to Take Serrapeptase During Ovulation?

The answer is unknown due to a lack of research on the subject. It is most likely safe because of its natural origin, which does not harm the body. However, more research in this area is required. If you have any concerns ask your doctor how much serrapeptase is acceptable while pregnant. Typically, anything that thins the blood is good for preparing for pregnancy; rather than during.

6 Serrapeptase Benefits for Fertility

  • The removal of unnecessary debris of cells in the vagina to clear the path for the sperm to travel to the egg.
  • Serrapeptase can be helpful for reproductive health since a primary function is to break down plaque and mend scarring.
  • It clears and repairs the womb by removing plaque and endometriosis-related damage, such as blocked tubes.
  • Some people take it if they have plaque in their blood to provide healthier blood and unimpeded blood flow to vital organs.
  • Other possible positive side effects of serrapeptase because of its blood cleansing, plaque break down might be to help level blood pressure.
  • Serrapeptase in studies has also been shown to break down and digest non-living tissue, such as scars, fibrous cysts in the breasts and uterus, blood clots, and scars in the uterus and breasts.

Serrapeptase may also be used to help women with reproductive issues since it aids in the removal of excess proteins from the bloodstream by breaking down proteins. Women’s reproductive health issues are frequently caused by injuries and inflammation. Extra proteins can build up in areas of the body when there is inflammation or injury. Serrapeptase’s efficacy as a reproductive aid, on the other hand, can only be determined through more research, but to this point in time, has been shown to be very promising.

How Do You Know Serrapeptase is Working?

While taking serrapeptase, how do you know serrapeptase is working? Serrapeptase works by cleaning out your insides. As a protein-digesting enzyme, serrapeptase benefits for fertility as it aids in the removal of protein deposits that are no longer helpful in your body. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema (fluid retention reduction), and fibrinolytic properties (helps break down blood clots). Mucus, fluid, blood clots, debris, and immunological complexes can all be removed. It helps alleviate pain, enhances movement, and increases energy. Serrapeptase helps with artery cleaning and clearing by reducing artery inflammation, which increases cholesterol accumulation and artery narrowing.

Serrapeptase specifically targets certain bodily areas. It binds to macroglobulin in the plasma and travels to the inflammatory site. Serrapeptase also removes pain to the greatest extent possible by removing bradykinin. Bradykinin is a chemical that causes pain in the human body. It also lowers your risk of heart attack or developing cardiovascular disease. When the blood flow into and out of the heart is sluggish, heart disease develops. This occurs when fibrin, fat, or cholesterol build up in the blood, thickening it and inhibiting its flow. Serrapeptase enhances blood flow by naturally breaking down fibrin and lipid molecules.

When taken frequently, serrapeptase has been used to dissolve or consume cysts or fibroids. The enzyme should be taken three times a day to function on fibroids. After two weeks, the results can be seen.

As with proteolytic enzymes, remember to take SerraZyme Herbal and Enzyme Formula on an empty stomach. Before bed or first thing in the morning, hours away from food is best. In between meals is the next best thing.

Serratiopeptidase’s recommended dose for specific indications has not been specified; nonetheless, serratiopeptidase-based supplements worldwide typically vary from 30000 to 60000 IU/day.

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