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Top 10 Tips for Menstrual Cramps Relief

Brenda Albano

September 3, 2019

10 Tips for Menstrual Cramps Relief | Beyond Fertility

Menstrual cramps relief naturally is one of the biggest concerns for women who visit us. Menstrual cramps can suck the life out of a girl, month after month. Painful periods are called Dysmenorrhea. It means painful menstruation or flow.

We have 10 tips for menstrual cramps relief that we have found to be helpful over the years for many who write to us. Let’s explore them.

The main reason you are probably looking for menstrual cramp relief is the heavy cramps a day or two before or during the beginning of the cycle. The most common reason is not contracting properly. It is like ineffectual labor each time; pain but no gain. If not addressed now, labor may be longer and more labored. It is necessary to teach your uterus to do what it needs in order to work properly and pain-free.

You can easily get menstrual cramps relief by taking some form of anti-inflammatory, so that should tell you it is an inflammation issue. You have too much inflammation. Inflammation leads to spasms rather than a consistent, healthy contraction by the uterus.

So we need to look at what helps inflammation, right? Here is a list of helpful suggestions for inflammation, in any part of the body, including for menstrual cramps relief:

Cycle Balance Plus Natural Progesterone for PMS Relief


Cycle Balance Plus is a natural progesterone cream with additional herbs; specifically designed to help with inflammation. It goes beyond what progesterone cream will normally do. In order to know when to use it, count back 14 days from what you anticipate to be the last day of your cycle. If it is 30 days typically, start the cream on day 16.  Use it twice on those days; am and pm. As long as menstrual cramps relief is still needed (it can take a couple of months to see enough difference), you can use some on your belly as well for those days. Otherwise, progesterone is not used for menstruating women in the first half of the cycle – only for days of heavier pain will it be OK. Change to only one application a day, for the same days of the month, once you have seen relief from menstrual cramps.


Vitamin D is difficult to get from just exposure to the sun. Consider a good DHA/EPA supplement. They are enteric-coated, so they make it to the stomach without any taste or loss.


EFAs (essential fatty acids) have been touted for centuries for their anti-inflammatory properties. Borage oil and evening primrose are stronger, but you can get a daily dose from sprinkling flaxseed in your cereal, adding it to muffins, and even adding ground flaxseed to your smoothies. Flaxseed oil is also an EFA. More oily nuts like sunflower seeds and brazil nuts are a good way to add them to your diet, just as flaxseed in smoothies and cereal is a helpful way to incorporate them. One Day Protein is a great way to add a smoothie to your daily diet while upping protein and downing carbs.


Highly acidic foods are the enemy of menstrual cramps relief. Give up what you can of empty carbs such as white flour, white sugar, white potatoes, and high-fat foods at this time of month, especially. Cold foods can sometimes aggravate the situation. Ice cream is best consumed the other three weeks of the month; in moderation, of course.


Lavender oil is a helpful essential oil for inflammation. Rub on the belly, use in a diffuser, or even put some on your pillow BEFORE her period and during. This is a great oil to have in your home for many uses.


Taking magnesium supplements on a regular basis will fix many things; cramping may be one of them for you. Magnesium Oil is amazing for topical use, but as with anything, it can take a little time for you to feel the effects. Spray on at night before bed and wash off in the morning. 20 minutes is a good amount of time for it to be on the skin to have soaked in, so you can spray it on anytime during the day as well. Don’t use it on open wounds if you are faint of heart, and keep it out of your eyes. You can put some in water and soak your feet with it as well.


One way to add magnesium to the diet is to eat more greens, drink more leafy greens by purchasing a powdered form, and eating almonds. Other foods include oily fish, bananas, cannellini and black beans, lentils, whole grains like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, and old-fashioned oats, as well as dark chocolate. 70% is considered a “real” dark chocolate. Milk chocolate just doesn’t cut it, ladies. A Snickers bar is a friend of inflammation; sorry. Keep these foods on hand and cook with them throughout the month. Once again, One Day Protein is a great help. Adding powdered greens (small amounts are not tasted), chocolate or vanilla powder, a little flaxseed, banana and almond meal, or a few almonds tossed in and well blended is a great way to make this a part of your every day. Great way to lose weight, also.Natural Health Affiliate Program


Lavender oil is a helpful essential oil for inflammation. Rub on the belly, use in a diffuser, or even put some on your pillow BEFORE your period and during.


Walking and running, as well as deep lunges, have been known to help with cramping. Deep breathing is great for purifying and circulating clean blood, so get moving and get rid of the stagnant Qi (chi).


Lastly, but not really, do a cleanse. Purify the blood, lymph, and liver. Using a good detox cleanse and adding more fiber to your diet will clear your body of “old” hormones and toxins that are weighing your health down. Infertility Cleanse or the 7 Day Detox Cleanse with Psyllium at Beyond Fertility Store are designed to clean you up and out.

Getting relief from menstrual cramps will give you your life back for 3 days a month. Don’t rely on over-the-counter meds that do nothing to make you healthier. As a matter of fact, take a look at the long-term effects of ibuprofen and NSAIDs. Ulcers, osteoporosis, stomach ruptures, and more. Step away from the bottle of ibuprofen girls and back into your cupboards. Take back your life and get real menstrual cramps relief with a little thing we like to call HEALTH.

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