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Know The Best Supplements to Balance Hormones and Learn How To Manage Hormone Imbalance

Brenda Albano

April 18, 2021

Know The Best Supplements to Balance Hormones and Learn How To Manage Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Balance Supplements

Hormones are used by different metabolic pathways in the body to communicate with each other. Hormones are made by endocrine glands and then they are released into the blood to carry the message to certain organs or tissue cells. Almost all pathways, metabolic or otherwise, are controlled by hormones.

Hormone imbalance is the condition when the quantity of a hormone is more or less than natural hormone balance. In the case of hormones, even a little bit of fluctuation in quantity can cause serious problems in the body.

It is normal for some hormone levels to drop with older age. But if it is declining or increasing without any natural reason then it is an indication that the endocrine system of the body is not doing its job well. In case of hormone imbalance, there are many options such as supplements to balance hormones.

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are important to maintain the health of a body by coordinating with the mechanisms going on in it. Therefore, when there is a hormone imbalance, there could be multiple signs & symptoms pointing towards it which could vary on the basis of the hormone or the endocrine gland producing it.

Some of the most common signs & symptoms which occur as a result of hormone deficiency are following and these are regardless of gender:

  •  Obesity
  • Unexplained loss of body mass
  • Weakness, tenderness, stiffness of muscles and joints
  • Unusual increase in water intake and appetite
  • Sweating
  • Tachycardia or bradycardia
  • Anxiety, depression, and mental health problems associated to it
  • Decreased libido and fertility problems
  • Swollen facial region

It is also important to know that these signs and symptoms do not rule out other medical conditions that might be causing them as they are not associated only with hormone imbalance.

Signs and Symptoms Occurring in Women

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the form of hormone imbalance that is most common in females. Apart from PCOS, there are certain other stages of life in women when their natural hormone balance is altered. These stages occur during pregnancy, child-rearing, puberty, and menopause.

Some other symptoms which occur in women specifically due to hormone imbalance could be excessive facial or body hair, loss of hair, the occurrence of patches on the skin, loss of vaginal muscle strength, unexplained chills, sweats, and hot flashes, headache, an irregular period which can be more or less than a usual period, severe acne break out, and dryness of vagina. Most of these symptoms can be addressed by using supplements to balance hormones alongside other options as well.

What Causes Hormone Imbalance?

As there are many hormones controlling the mechanisms going on inside the body, therefore, there are multiple reasons that might cause these hormones to fluctuate and create a hormonal imbalance. Although the specific cause can be related to a specific hormone but some common causes of hormone imbalance include the side effects of medication, cancer; both benign and malignant, problems with diet, trauma, improper hormone therapy, chemotherapy & immunotherapy, and stress.

Causes of Hormone Imbalance Specifically in Women

Other than the general causes, there are some specific causes that affect reproductive hormones in women. These reasons include pregnancy, child-rearing, and hormone-altering medication such as contraceptive pills, early onset of menopause, menopause, and PCOS to name a few. Female hormone balance supplement helps in addressing most of the causes of hormone imbalance in women.

How to confirm a hormone imbalance?

Hormone imbalance is not a specific health condition that can be detected with a single test. Usually, the process of diagnosis begins with a visit to your doctor or even at home ZRT saliva hormone testing. The GP makes an assessment on the basis of all the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing and presenting with and on the basis of all the medication that you are taking. Then after making a preliminary assessment your GP will advise you to take a test which could be one or more of the following tests:

ZRT Laboratory Saliva Test Kit Infographics

  • Hormonal level detection by a blood test (i.e. cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone levels can be checked by this test)
  • Ultrasound to check the endocrine glands for any abnormalities or tumor growths
  • Physical exam of the pelvis to check for abnormal growth
  • Urine test kits for testing at home (e.g. progesterone, FSH levels, etc.)

Once hormone imbalance in a woman is confirmed then the process of using a female hormone balance supplement effectively may begin.

Management of Hormone Imbalance

Options to avoid hormone imbalance usually depend upon the type of hormone which is out of balance. Some of the widely used options are following:

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is usually advised in women who are experiencing problems related to the reproductive system. They are not all natural; actually most are not. These may include hormone replacement therapy as suppositories, creams and rings to be applied intrauterine and even pills to address a problem such as irregular menstrual cycle.

Androgen Therapy

High androgen levels in women can cause problems such as excessive facial and body hair and loss of hair. Anti-androgen therapy helps in managing elevated androgen levels in women. Androgen levels can also be brought down by the use of metformin as it is known to help women with PCOS by keeping their androgen level under control and promoting timely ovulation.

Hormone Balance Supplement Products

Natural supplements to balance hormone imbalance in females are a choice welcomed by many women. They do not come with nasty side affects or dependency. Products like Female Hormone Balance and MenoBalance progesterone cream (and other progesterone creams in our progesterone cream category) are composed of traditional herbs for balancing out the cycle and often for overcoming infertility through balancing hormones as well.


Meditation and yoga can help the body to relax, become at ease and also restore flexibility in the body apart from improving blood flow to the body tremendously. These activities can help you check your weight and eventually get better control of hormones in the body.

Lifestyle Changes

Minor changes in the lifestyle can go a long way in managing hormonal imbalance in the body. These changes can be as subtle as losing extra pounds, eating a completely balanced diet, stress management, avoiding things to wear and eat which trigger a response from the body such as a hot flash, etc., but the effects of these changes can be tremendous on the overall health of a person.

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