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When you lighten heavy periods you do more than just that. A heavy period is not isolated from other concerns in the endocrine system of the body in general. Balancing hormones is the key; as with most concerns of the menstrual cycle.

According to a study recently done in South Africa, taking 25,000IU of Vitamin A could be the answer for those desperately hoping to lighten heavy periods, efficiently and quickly. The best news is how fast it works. In as little as the first month; after just taking the Vitamin A for 15 days. Continuing this way can drastically improve periods for up to a year.Female-Hormone-Balance

They also found that flooding, which is common but not exclusive to peri-menopausal women, was decreased in more than half of them. Another supplement getting a lot of excitement is Natural Female Hormone Balance. The name says it all and women are loving how it balances their hormones, quickly and effectively.

We are not big fans of just taking one vitamin or mineral to remedy a problem (except in the case of Vitamin B6). It isĀ important to look at the well being of the whole. Two suggestions come to mind. Super Energy Plus and Cycle Balance Plus. Get this by visiting our Beyond Fertility Shop. If heavy pain accompanies the heavy bleeding, Cycle Balance Plus is made with herbs geared specifically to this combination of symptoms.

Super Energy Plus has 25,000IU Vitamin A per serving along with a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals, glandular complex, fish oils, inositol and choline and a host of other great, energizing ingredients to support glandular health, which in turns helps to regulate the endocrine system.

If you experience flooding, cramping and heavy, painful periods (aka dysmenorrhea) you might also consider natural progesterone cream for hormonal balance.

If you are trying to conceive, taking Vitamin A in the first half of the cycle ensures that you are not taking it should pregnancy occur 25,000IU would be considered a higher amount than necessary in pregnancy.