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Kesiah’s concern was spotting after period ends; her menstuation was over.

Here is what Kesiah wrote to us: Several Days of Spotting

hi, i would like to ask what is wrong with me..cause i already had my
menstruation and after that there’s a little blood that comes out
every day til now..what would be my problem..can u help me?thank you..

Our Answer:
Often times the bleeding just continues but becomes spotting because there is so little left. Depending upon how long this is going on will determine if you should be concerned.

Blessings, Brenda

The absolute #1 Reason for Spotting:

Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone.  Visit our Store or contact us for more information.  Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for. Cycle Balance Creams and Oil, PMS Balance and Balance Creams. We've been there and we know how you feel right now.