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Bad News for Women Douching

brenda albano

August 15, 2019

Bad News for Women Douching

Douching has been traced to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It is because it alters the acidity in the vagina, making it impossible for sperm to live and setting up infections, that douching is best left for doctor’s prescriptions only.Alive Probiotics Best Natural Probiotic Supplements

If you have already douched and are concerned about the effects or are already experiencing PID, you might want to consider probiotics to restore alkalinity and keep away yeast.

Scented tampons and vaginal sprays can also add to these undesirable conditions in the vagina, including yeast also. And these undesirable conditions make it almost impossible for conception to occur.

Another negative and scary aspect of douching is that it may cause cervical cancer. It has been stated that douching at least once a week puts a woman at higher risk for cervical cancer. Scary, huh? All the more reason to stay away from it!

Douching has been linked to infertility. Perhaps if you have been trying to conceive for some time now and you douche on a regular basis you are greatly impairing your ability to conceive and adding problems. Douching has been thought to add to the ectopic pregnancy rate (a pregnancy in which the embryo implants in the fallopian tube). If this occurs, the pregnancy must be aborted, and possibly the fallopian tube and ovary will have to be removed if the embryo has been allowed to grow to the point of rupturing the tube. Rarely, though, this can cause maternal death.

My advice is to stay away from douching. Does the promise of freshness and the so-called promise of cleanliness while douching override your desire to conceive a baby? Even if conception wasn’t the issue, it is still dangerous to douche without a doctor’s go-ahead. It really does come from a lot of hype stemming from a great marketing campaign that convinces you most women to believe they need it.

Why, then, did douching ever become popular? Because in times past a woman was thought to have a “discharge” which was viewed as infectious and dirty when in fact, this discharge is the normal cervical fluid that acts as a cleaning agent for the vagina and also serves as the basis which carries the sperm to the egg. Cervical fluid, if it has no foul odor, is perfectly healthy and normal.

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