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Ways on How to Get Pregnant

brenda albano

November 11, 2019

Ways to Get Pregnant

Are the ways to get pregnant as simple as hopping in bed and hoping for the best? Well, yes and no. There are countless women who get pregnant without a second thought and then there are those who need a little help – a few hints to bring about the desired pregnancy. Instead of going month after month with no positive result, start off armed with knowledge to increase your chances of conception!

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First thing you’ll want to find a good physician – preferably an OB/GYN. If you don’t have one, find a good one and schedule an exam. This exam will ensure you that everything is okay. Your physician will not test you for infertility but this visit is to ensure that you have your annual pelvic exam; checking for cancer and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) and to see that you appear to be healthy. Ask your doctor about a time limit for the pregnancy to occur before starting infertility tests. Some physicians will say one year, some will say six months and depending on your age, some may say as little as three months.

Because pregnancy happens about two weeks before we actually realize, it is a good idea to practice proper nutrition. Start off by taking a prenatal vitamin every day too. Wean yourself of bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and most certainly drugs.

If you haven’t already done so learn the basics of charting and put it into practice. Purchase a good basal body thermometer and download a chart. This helps in two areas:Digital Basal Thermometer

  1. You will know when and if you are ovulating.
  2. You will know if you may possibly have an infertility problem.

A doctor will appreciate at least three months of charts if you suspect an infertility problem – this will help to come to a diagnosis sooner.

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