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Vaginal Dryness while Trying to Conceive

Brenda Albano

October 23, 2019

Has your life seemingly begun to revolve around your ovaries and their cycle? Is your husband no longer your best friend, but just a “semen delivery system” – who can occasionally be uncooperative when you tell him “we have to do it now!”.

If so you are NOT alone!

Intercourse “on demand” around ovulation really takes the magic out of lovemaking and can lead to increased vaginal dryness. In fact, a recent study of over 800 trying-to-conceive couples found that over 75% of them had increased levels of vaginal dryness, which was negatively impacting their sex lives and relationships. This percentage may even be higher for women taking fertility drugs such as clomid.

Keeping sex enjoyable while you are trying to conceive isn’t just “icing on the cake”. Researchers have shown that couples that are able to enjoy making love during ovulation have the best marital satisfaction scores and possibly quicker times to conception. In contrast, when sex becomes painful because of dryness, or not satisfying due to performance stress, the relationship can really suffer. It is also important to note that the better intercourse feels for our men, in terms of being stimulating and exciting, the more swimming sperm he can make. Some studies have shown up to 50% more sperm are produced in ejaculations from an enjoyable event versus a have to get it done event.

Even though most TTC couples have increased levels of vaginal dryness, 80% have not spoken to their doctor about how to deal with it. Many couples do not realize that most commercial lubricants, and even saliva and water damage sperm function and should be avoided while trying to conceive, as reported in numerous medical papers over the past 20 years. Specifically, laboratory studies have shown that ReplensR, AstroglideR, KYR Jelly and other common lubricants can damage sperm equivalent to contraceptive jelly.

Slippery StuffThis sperm damage from lubricant products is caused by extremely unnatural levels of pH and osmolarity (ion concentration) in products that were designed to provide lubrication without the special needs of sperm in mind. In the past, people have used raw egg whites as a lubricant that is safe for sperm, but many women have developed infections from this. Before you use another product, remember it is important to use one that is sperm friendly like Slippery Stuff.

Once you decide as a couple to start a family, remember to take the time to enjoy each other physically and emotionally in the process. Now vaginal dryness doesn’t have to decrease your enjoyment of each other while TTC – a time when most lubricants should be avoided. Be sure and schedule time to be creative in your foreplay and your intercourse. The bonuses can include a stronger relationship, more sperm production and possibly a shorter time to conception.

Dr. JE Ellington is CEO of INGfertility which has develops products for TTC couples, including Pre~Seed sperm friendly intimate moisturizer. She has been awarded the 2003 Young Andrology Award from the American Society of Andrology recognizing her federally funded research in gamete biology and infertility, and her 75 publications that have resulted from this work.

Consider Slippery Stuff – which is sperm-friendly – and works GREAT!

If you are approaching menopause or in late thirties or more with diminishing fertility and lower estrogen, Natural Estrogen Cream or Estriol Oil may help. These are not chemical HRT products but all natural and safe. Visit Beyond Fertility Shop to find out more about these.

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