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Trying To Get Pregnant? Discover Safe Tips for TTC through Self Insemination

Brenda Albano

March 7, 2021

Trying To Get Pregnant Discover Safe Tips for TTC through Self Insemination

Trying to Get Pregnant: Is TTC through Self-insemination Safe?

Have you been reading about TTC through self-insemination but still left with questions and doubts if it is the right choice for you? Are you still in doubt whether trying to conceive (TTC) through self-insemination is the right choice for you?

Now we introduce those questions: How do you decide which way is best; self-insemination or getting inseminated through a clinic? This can be very stressful. Other questions also come to mind. The endless questions never stop, the doubt never goes away.

So to ease this doubt, let us first delve into one of the most important questions…

Is Self-insemination Safe?

This question has two health issues that you must consider:

1. Uterine Infection

The procedure is relatively safe as long as you strictly follow the principle of keeping the equipment and environment sterile. Unsterile practices can lead to endometritis or the inflammation of the uterine lining. This is a preventable disease, so make sure that you keep everything squeaky clean and your effort of trying to conceive will at least go off without worry!

2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

One of the most important steps you have to take is ensuring that the sperm bank where you will be getting your sample is medically responsible in its practices. Check and secure a guarantee that the sample you will be getting has undergone preliminary testing for STI and HIV, and genetic testing to see if there are any hereditary diseases that your unborn child could potentially acquire.

Benefits of TTC thorough Self-insemination

Sure, in-clinic insemination has its advantage because you are surrounded by doctors and other medical health professionals but the fact that you are surrounded by a lot of people makes the experience more uncomfortable, scary, and uncertain.

  • Home insemination is very economical, you do not have to pay for a doctor’s fee, miscellaneous, or even the use of a clinic’s facility
  • You can do it within the comfort of your home, which means you have the privacy you need in making the whole process more comfortable in contrast if you are in a clinic where doctor’s and doctor’s assistant will be present in the room
  • Studies have shown that it has the same level of success as in-clinic insemination
  • You can easily buy a sterile home insemination kit

Studies have stated that when trying to conceive, home insemination has proven to be simple, cost-effective, and more patient-friendly.

How to Make Self-insemination Successful

Like everything in life, self-insemination does not guarantee that you will get pregnant immediately. But there are ways that you could do to increase your success in getting pregnant fast.

Home Insemination Kit Items You Need

  1. 2-5mL needleless sterile syringe with a cannula (a thin tube)
  2. Vinyl gloves
  3. Specimen cup
  4. Ovulation and pregnancy test kit (optional)

Home Insemination Tips

1. DO NOT stress too much

Studies have shown that stress can greatly affect your ability to conceive. To combat the stress and anxiety of this journey try meditation or using Best CBD Oil with Terpenes. Read more here about ways stress could be affecting your ability to conceive.

2. Have your husband’s sperm tested

Have him take a male fertility test to ensure that there will be no problem.

3. Get tested yourself

It is always a good practice to get yourself examined by a specialist before undergoing a treatment or procedure. This is to make sure that you will not encounter any problems while trying to get pregnant through self-insemination. If you are hoping for a less invasive way to do this, try using our saliva hormone test kits to make sure your hormones are balanced. And if ever there is a health issue it could be addressed immediately. Consider using a fertility supplement to boost your chances of getting and staying pregnant. You should also use Best Fertility Supplement Ayurvedic Fertility Booster and a natural progesterone cream to make sure your progesterone is at a good level after conception. Kindly read more here about The Basics You Need To Know About Natural and Organic Progesterone Cream and Fertility.

4. Sperm optimal temperature

Make sure that you have stored and carefully thawed the sperm sample to ensure viability.

5. Ovulation

Timing your monthly cycle is a crucial aspect because you have to perform the insemination during your ovulation. Hence the ovulation kit.

6. Rest

After the procedure, you must lie down on your back for at least 30 minutes.

Tips if the Donor is Someone You Know

Legal Issues

It may sound unintuitive to make a legal and binding contract with a friend about custody status especially if that friend is someone close to you. You could convince yourself that your good relationship with this person is enough to thwart any future legal issues.

But that is not the case for everyone, take for example what happened in Virginia where the biological father demanded custody of his child, whom he fostered as a sperm donor. The mother lost the case on the basis that the turkey baster method is not a reproductive technology.

So before jumping into home insemination with a friend, get legal counsel and draft a contract that will both protect your interests.

Increase Sperm Count Naturally and Healthily

So one thing of interest to you might be how to increase sperm count naturally.

  • Horny goat weed

Research has shown that the purified extract of horny goat weed, Icariin, can increase testosterone production in males.

  • Exercise

Studies have proven that men who workout have better sperm quality than those who live a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Minimize stress

It is no secret that when men are stressed out their libido is down. The same with their sperm quality, being stressed can affect their sperm’s viability.

  • Eat healthily and maintain a well-balanced diet

Just like what they say, you are what you eat. Studies have shown that when a male indulges in an unhealthy lifestyle his sperm morphology gets affected and in turn, can result in unsuccessful pregnancy.

  • Take vitamins

Just like eating healthy, vitamins can help you with your overall health. Vitamins cannot directly help with your sperm count but taking vitamins can keep you healthy that in turn will help you with sperm vitality.

How to Improve Chances of Conception with Artificial Insemination

  • Have your hormones tested and make sure you don’t have underlying issues.
  • Use a fertility boosting supplement and be sure to have a good prenatal vitamin.
  • Track your fertility for the optimal time for insemination. A saliva microscope like Fertile Focus can help.
  • Consider using progesterone cream or oil after conception through the end of pregnancy to ensure you have enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. Progesterone is responsible for fluffing up the uterine lining to prepare for the fertilized egg – now a baby – to nest in. From there the placenta will begin to grow and nourish your baby. If there is not enough progesterone, viability in the blood filled uterine lining will lessen. Fertile Balance Organic Progesterone Cream or Cycle Balance Oil might be good choices for this.

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