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Just a Thought About Conception

Brenda Albano

October 22, 2019

Just a Thought About Conception | Beyond Fertility

Do you realize that the baby you so desire is with you right now? In fact all your future children are with you and have been with you since the beginning of your life.

While you try to conceive your precious baby – think on these things:

From the moment you were born – in fact from the moment your ovaries were formed while you were inside your mother’s womb – all the eggs that you will ever have were formed then. When you were born your ovaries were packed with the hundreds of thousands of immature eggs – just waiting for you to reach puberty and then one by one mature each and every month – waiting hopefully for that chance of fertilization.

You have with you already ½ of your baby. Until that wonderful day when your egg is fertilized, it will remain with you. Part of your baby is with you every second of every day waiting on the opportunity to pop forth, mature and ready to be fertilized by it’s other half – “Daddy’s sperm”. Just think – that little egg is patiently waiting for that marvelous day when it can graduate from an egg to an embryo then to a mature fetus to a mature baby ready to be born and dub you officially “mother”.

When my children ask me where they came from (they are 5, 3 and 6 months) I just smile and tell them they’ve always been with me. My son likes to talk about when he was just an egg. Makes for sparkling conversation at the dinner table. This always makes me smile, though.

I know at the time of trying to conceive, especially for you who don’t yet have any children – it’s very disheartening to go through each month with no positive results. I was once there myself. But believe me, the time will come when your life will be consumed with your growing belly. Then after the “birth” day, this trying-to-conceive time will be a vague memory and you’ll wonder why you ever fretted about it. But then, you’ll scoop your precious little one up and plant a big kiss on their fat little cheek and hug them tightly; forever thankful they came into your life. Ah, the process is worth it – even the “getting there.” Enjoy every moment of it!

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