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Luteal Phase Length: Everything You Need To Know

Normally the luteal phase length is 14 days. There are several causes of LPD, some of which you might be experiencing without realizing it. Understand more about a short or long luteal phase, supplements to help and tips to calculate the length of your luteal phase.

6 Luteal Phase Defect Treatment

Luteal Phase Defect is a condition of inadequate progesterone that leads to infertility of women. The options are listed in this blog if you want to know more about this condition. Find out the complete list here.

What is Luteal Phase Defect?

In order to understand what a Luteal Phase Defect is it makes sense to understand the Luteal Phase. You may want to start by reading a few other posts and pages here: Glossary of Terms for Conception, The Female Menstrual Cycle and Luteal Phase Length. That will get...

Cycle Balance Cream Natural Progesterone

As we all know, natural progesterone cream is used by women in all stages of life. If you are searching for a safe and natural progesterone cream, Cycle Balance Cream is ideally right for you. Learn how and when to use Cycle Balance Cream in this article.

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