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Spotting Before Period

brenda albano

June 13, 2011

Spotting Before Period

I am having spotting before my period,” wrote Christine.

Hi, I found that I was spotting today (at first it was heavy and then it tapered down and is now only visible when I wipe after using the bathroom). I have been bloated in the abdomen area for a couple of days and my breasts have been sore as though I would be getting my period soon. I usually get my period around the 15th, and today is the 13th. I do not know if it’s normal to spot prior to periods, but I did have sexual intercourse on Friday the 11th, when the condom fell off inside of me. However my partner did not ejaculate, but I am afraid that his pre-ejaculate may have gotten me pregnant. But would it be too soon to have gotten pregnant and spot since it has only been 2 days after sex? Or are these signs and symptoms of pregnancy true to my spotting and bloated feeling? Thanks for your help, I hope to get a response soon!

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Possible Answer 1: First of all, you cannot get pregnant a few days ago and feel pregnant right away. That being said, you could be pregnant from intercourse in the first week of the month. Most likely you are having spotting because your body is having a week short cycle, unless it is, as I said, pregnancy from sex earlier in the month.

Possible Answer 2: Possibly, if you had a cyst on an ovary that burst, you could have spotting/bleeding from that. It doesn’t sound like this is the answer, but I wanted to include it.

Question: How would you describe heavier spotting? Was it dripping onto your underwear or a pad? Did you use a tampon?

More Info: I would also like to point out that if you are low in progesterone, your cycle can be shorter and PMS symptoms like breast tenderness and a sore abdomen can be more noticeable. Read about Happy PMS Cream and see if it makes sense, but you will probably want to wait and see. Just an FYI here: You might want to check out Cycle Balance Cream as well, which is our favorite progesterone cream to date.

Blessings, Brenda

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