If you are on birth control and spotting you might be interested in these articles and links from other sites. There are so many birth control lawsuits for a reason. That is because there are so many side effects, cancers and infertility issues related to birth control pills.

The reason is because of the fact that there isn’t enough proper follow up with doctors and what information you should be getting from them. For instance Yaz Birth Control Pills say that potassium levels should be checked after the first month but most women do not know this. May women are having heart attacks and strokes from birth control pills.

There are also YAZ birth control side effects lawsuits but here are the articles and I’m including info about progestins:
YAZ birth control information and warning pages: If you don’t use Angeliq birth control pills or Yaz BCPs read about the one you DO use online.

Here are some articles that you might want to read about birth control:

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