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Spotting 6 Days After Ovulation: What You Can Do

Brenda Albano

July 10, 2019

Spotting 6 Days After Ovulation

Spotting 6 days after ovulation or 6 days after the pill is a big concern for women both trying to conceive and those trying not to. Here is an email we received from a concerned customer we call A, who is eagerly wanting a piece of advice about her spotting issues. You may find below our answer to her question.Affiliate Program Earn $1000 Partime


I have been looking at your site and wanted to inquire about my spotting issue. I have been off of BC for a year now (was on it for 9). Initially, after the pill, I had normal periods, then things went haywire around month 6.

Currently, I spot around 6-7 days after ovulation every cycle. Then I start AF 7 days later (14 dpo). Is it impossible to get pregnant when this happens?

I have been to the doctor and no abnormalities have been found. He says it’s hormonal and will resolve itself in time. If it doesn’t, he suggests clomid which I do NOT want to do. Advice?


Hello A,

Did your doctor test your hormones? Your estrogen and progesterone should have been tested if you constantly experience spotting after ovulation. To suggest Clomid without checking hormone levels is in my opinion, abominable.

Clomid is only supposed to be prescribed for 3 rounds in a row or 5 total IN A LIFETIME due to the concerns of ovarian cancer. Suppose you were to have other issues and you went on it? Well, that is enough of that subject.

Read about it at InfertilityWorkshop.com/blog and the Dangers of Clomid. You are wise not to want to venture down that road.

If you are spotting after ovulation or 6-7 days after ovulation then you may be habitually aborting still – miscarrying. Since the pill alters your hormones, it makes two things happen.

One is to abort if pregnancy should occur and the other is to make the environment unsuitable for proper implantation of a baby or a fertilized egg.

Spotting 6 days after ovulation is usually when implantation of the fertilized egg happens. If you are low in progesterone, which is extremely common after BCP and especially from so long on the pill, you would not be able to hold on to a baby because of a poor uterine lining. It is the blood-filled lining that nourishes the growth of the placenta.
If you do not want to do the testing, then you can also go off the pill for two months. Use condoms in the meantime, and you will see if you are still having after ovulation bleeding. Good chance you will not because you will not be getting pregnant and then aborting. They just don’t tell you THAT when they give you the prescription.

Other suggestions:

Organic Progesterone Cream assists the buildup of the uterine lining as one of its benefits. With continual use, it may help strengthen the egg, thereby, making for better hormonal balance.

Fertile Balance 30mg 2oz Jar WFP Infographics

The next thing would be to discuss how long your periods are and how the bleeding is.

Monitoring your fertility by taking basal body temperature and through the OvaCue Fertility Monitor and Fertility Tracker would be helpful to know your fertile days and when you’re likely to become pregnant.

Also, Helonias or False Unicorn is a good choice to get rid of leftover hormones after the pill. You might want to get some. This is found in Natural Female Hormone Balance Supplement if you go off the pill and want to straighten things out.

But then again, having your hormones tested is a very important thing to remember. Try ZRT saliva hormone kits to test your hormones at home. They will give you a lot of information regarding your results also.

This is a good start. More to come! Thank you.

When looking for organic progesterone cream, stop looking elsewhere. Beyond Fertility Shop offers a wide selection of natural supplements and aids to support fertility and overall reproductive health.

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