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Spotting 1 Week Before Period Due

brenda albano

June 11, 2011

Spotting 1 Week Before Period Due

Spotting 1 Week Before Period Due comments and questions:

Question answered regarding spotting 1 week before the period due from “Chelsea”.

I “spotted” for about 2 1/2 days then it ended, my period isn’t due for another 1-2 weeks, could I be pregnant?

Possible Answer 1: Implantation spotting is my best guess for this. Most often, when a period isn’t due for 1 week or a little more, it is implantation spotting. This is when the fertilized egg implants on the wall of the uterus. The burrowing in causes a tiny bit of blood to release and makes its way slowly down to the toilet paper days later.

Charting fertility productsSomeone temping would find that your temps would usually have an extra leap at this time. If you were using a Fertility Tracker you would have briefly seen ferning at the time of implantation, which shows the surge of estrogen.

Possible Answer 2: The other answer is that you ovulated later in the cycle and it is mittelschmerz which is accompanied by a twinge of pain in your ovary at ovulation. Most don’t even notice the twinge. Oftentimes, there is a little blood afterwards. This can also mean that you have a small cyst on the surface of your ovary. Your egg breaking through can leave a little blood.

There are many reasons for spotting but these are the two most common so I have addressed them here.

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If this is the case you will want to consider strengthening your ovaries so that you don’t develop cysts. Bee Pollen is a good choice as well as progesterone in the luteal phase of your cycle if you also have PMS symptoms. B100 Complex or Derma B12 Complex Cream are great ways to get B vitamins. There is a popular NPC Shutdown protocol that has been extremely helpful for women dealing with cysts and short/long cycles, keeping them from conceiving or even just a healthy fertility life.

Here is Another Spotting 1 Week Before Period Question from Joni

Message: Can you tell me any information on pink spotting when I wipe 7-8 days before my due period not crampy very worried!!

Because there was no fertility charting information offered, it is hard to know. I cannot stress enough how important fertility charting is; temping, saliva ferning, cervical changes or CM. At least temping.

Possible Answer 1: Without more information, it is hard to determine, but the most common would be if it is a small amount and not continuing, implantation spotting. This would mean that you are pregnant and your baby is implanting on the uterine wall. If it continues, it can mean that your hormones are fluctuating and you might possibly have low progesterone which would cause the implantation to be in jeopardy. Check out the Beyond Fertility Shop for progesterone creams we recommend.

Possible answer 2: Sometimes when you have a cyst, it will burst when there is a good ovulation. This is not a bad thing as long as it was not too large, but since you said you had no cramping and there was no pain, this is much less likely.

Possible answer 3: If you are on the pill and there has been implantation, the BCP will force the fetus to be removed from the uterus, and there will be detachment.

Possible answer 4: If you had unprotected sex without a condom, you are at risk of contracting an STD, and an infection can result within 1-3 weeks of the sexual act.

I don’t mean to be drab, but spotting is very common, but that does not mean it should be considered as normal. There are reasons for spotting, and they are worth checking out. Read the answers above also. You can also Tweet About Us or Like our Beyond Fertility Facebook Page and ask a question.

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