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Let’s face it menopause is a natural occurrence in women. Menopause should be an event that happens smoothly with little to no problems.

But because of the lack of proper nutrition and lifestyle, the poor quality of our soil and other environmental factors we experience problems with our endocrine system. With the breaking news of the pitfalls of hormone replacement therapy many women feel at a loss as to how to treat their symptoms of menopause and how to ease through this difficult time.

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Hormone replacement therapy at the forefront looked like a promising resolve to treat millions of premenopausal and menopausal women. It looked like the answer to the horrible disease osteoporosis and seemed to be a “drug” therapy that would help to prevent heart disease and certain cancers in women. But the truth is that artificial hormones aren’t beneficial to the body. They cause cancer, strokes and various other health problems. The answer lies in a natural approach, a safe and side-effect free approach that’s been proven time and again to help ease and alleviate the horrid symptoms and side-effects of menopause.

First let’s go over the symptoms of menopause. Actually the symptoms of menopause are not caused by menopause itself, but from a condition known as an “estrogen dominance.” When the female body approaches menopause the production of progesterone decreases or stops altogether. When this happens the estrogen in the body dominates the endocrine system, thus producing the very unpleasant symptoms that many menopausal women experience.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance: Worse allergies, breast tenderness, cervical dysplasia, thyroid symptoms such as being cold all the time, decreased libido, depression, dry eyes, fat gain, fatigue, fibrocystic breasts, gallbladder disease, hair loss, headaches, hypoglycemia, scatterbrain, increased blood clotting and risk of strokes, infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, miscarriages, mood swings, osteoporosis, bone loss, PMS, uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, water retention. These are “some” of the most common symptoms of estrogen dominance.

It’s these symptoms that prompt women to see their physicians and find remedies to alleviate the problems. For the past several decades the number one prescription for this was hormone replacement therapy. But you can relax and know that a safe and natural alternative to the dangerous HRT is available and it’s available over the counter.

Natural progesterone cream has long been used to fight and cure the symptoms of estrogen dominance. A natural progesterone is far different from its synthetic counter-part that’s chemical based. Natural progesterone is derived from Mexican wild yams and processed to exactly match what our bodies produce. Therefore it is easily assimilated into the body. It’s the lack of progesterone that causes the estrogen dominance and all the horrid symptoms.MenoBalance Cream Best Progesterone Cream for Menopause

Using best natural progesterone cream for menopause may seem too easy or simple. You will rarely find a “regular” medical physician who will agree or who will even know the true benefits of natural progesterone cream. It’s the few who have stepped out of their comfort zones of FDA approved drug therapy and researched the natural means who have realized the profound benefits of such a natural and safe alternative. It’s the insistence of many women, who researched this for themselves and armed themselves with the information that confronted their physicians and help to put them on the road to understanding the virtues of natural progesterone cream.

Man-made chemicals have never been better than what God put on this earth naturally. Research this for yourself. Progesterone is the main hormone in the body that regulates the entire endocrine system. Without it you experience horrible side-effects. Progesterone even helps to regulate estrogen and to keep the body’s production of estrogen in check. With the delicate system of checks and balances, our bodies need progesterone and especially during times such as menopause.

Natural progesterone cream is the answer to a safe and natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. The cream, applied to various spots on the body twice a day for several weeks each month help to alleviate all the symptoms of estrogen dominance, helps to restore bone loss, helps to stop osteoporosis and helps in preventing certain cancers and heart diseases. This in conjunction with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle will increase your quality and enjoyment of life.