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Preconception Success in 2005

Brenda Albano

July 16, 2019

Preconception Success in 2005

Preconception Success in 2005

My husband and I (I’m 39 and he’s 33) have been actively trying to conceive since my miscarriage in February of this year. We took off the month of April to do the progesterone therapy, where I used my natural progesterone cream from day 6 to day 26, helping my body to balance the hormones after the miscarriage. The following months my luteal phase increased to a healthy 14 days.

I took prenatal vitamins daily and when I could remember I took 50 mg of vitamin B6 each day. I also used Happy PMS Cream (natural progesterone cream) from ovulation to menstruation each month. I took one baby aspirin earlier this cycle I conceived (it made me sick so I didn’t stick with it.) I also drank 2 to 3 glasses of iced tea (plain Lipton tea with a slice of lemon) each day.

My last menstrual period was on August 18. We were trying for a boy, so we timed it right by having intercourse on the day of ovulation, September 1. I had an actual implantation dip at 6 (DPO) days post ovulation. I knew when I saw it that something was definitely up. Normally my charts didn’t have any dips after ovulation. By the next day  at 7 DPO I was feeling nauseous. At 8 DPO I had nausea and sore breasts and felt very tired. I commented to my friends that I had “mind-numbing” fatigue. And at 9 DPO I tested in the middle of the day with one of the cheap strip pregnancy tests sold on my site Beyond Feritlity.com and received a faint positive. I tested daily for another 8 days, and had it confirmed at the doctors on 15 DPO.

My husband and children are thrilled. While they are hoping for a boy, I’m opting to not find out until their birth. Then I will be happy with my healthy baby!!!

Please be encouraged. I’ve had bouts of infertility and overcame it. Just keep your thoughts positive, trust in your body’s ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby and enjoy the journey!

NOTE: Our daughter was born on May 3, 2006, healthy and beautiful, followed by the birth of her brother on September 23, 2008.

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