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Pink Spotting With Negative Pregnancy Test: Should You Be Alarmed?

brenda albano

July 25, 2019

Pink Spotting Negative Pregnancy Test

Organic Progesterone Cream Fertile BalancePink spotting with negative pregnancy test results is a common complaint and concern among our readers. Read below a question submitted to us by one of our followers and learn what pink spotting could actually mean for you.


Hello, I am just 3 months married. But I have been trying to get pregnant since then.

After following the ovulation period logically this last month, I am supposedly due to start another period on the 8th of June.

Today is 10 and early this morning, I noticed a blood stain and didn’t see anything again until about 4:30 pm. This second one is pinkish, not like real blood. But the pregnancy test is still negative. What do you think, please?


Our answers: Possibility 1:
I will put the positive answer first. You have a reason to believe you are pregnant. I need to follow up with the fact that when you are late AND you have spotting, consider an organic progesterone cream whenever possible, to help your body hold on to the fertilized egg in the uterus; your baby. It could be that your lining is weakly holding on if not puffed up enough naturally by progesterone. Read about progesterone cream in our lists of articles. Possibility 2: You are miscarrying, which tags along with the first answer. Progesterone fluffs up the blood-filled lining of the uterus to make a nest for the baby.

If you are trying to conceive, we always recommend that you have at least a progesterone cream supplementation like Fertile Balance or Cycle Balance Cream and some pregnancy tests on hand (See our natural fertility shop and we do ship overnight). This makes you ready at a moment’s notice.

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I would also recommend that you take your temps using a Digital Basal Thermometer. Even though you are so far in, it would be helpful to know if your basal body temperature is declining, which would show that you are pregnant or have miscarried but not rejected the baby as yet.

I am hoping that your body is just teetering and will begin to produce the hormones necessary to hang on and grow. Always feel free to dialog about this through our comments box.

Have you also experienced pink spotting? How did you find out the reason for your spotting? Share with us your stories!

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