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Usable Information for Period Pain Relief and Home Remedies that Works Best

Brenda Albano

August 8, 2022

Usable Information for Period Pain Relief and Home Remedies that Works Best

Are you interested in usable information for period pain relief medications and remedies? Read on!

It’s always uncomfortable and never enjoyable during that “time of the month”. That’s why we are here to explain why women experience menstrual cramps in the first place and to advise you on the effective natural menstrual cramps pain relief for painful menstruation.

Aside from affecting your daily routine, there are a slew of other period-related annoyances. Food cravings, sleep difficulties, bloating, mood changes (typically irritation), exhaustion, sensitive breasts, and more – all of these symptoms appear before your period even begins, warning you of what’s to come.

Then there’s the cramping. If you’re one of the one in eight women who gets period pains during their monthly cycle, this is the worst time of the month for you.

What Causes Cramping During Your Period?

Period cramps are caused by uterine contractions. Prostaglandins, in particular, along with other hormone level changes in your body, are the main reason behind these contractions. Your uterus contracts and sheds its lining during menstruation, expelled as blood through your vaginal canal.

Period discomfort is more common in certain persons, notably those who:

  • are under the age of 30
  • hemorrhage profusely during their menstrual cycles
  • have sporadic bleeding
  • have a history of period discomfort in your family
  • smoke
  • started puberty at a young age (age 11 or earlier)
  • have a diet high in salt, fat and carbs together

When menstruating, you’re likely to experience pain in your belly, lower back, and thighs because the muscular tissues of your womb tighten (contract) and relax in an irregular rhythm to help dispose of the built-up lining. Cramping is a result of this process, indicating that your muscular tissues are working.

Some women may also have the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headaches
  • diarrhea

Doctors are not only surprised but also perplexed as to why some women exhibit severe symptoms while others only have mild symptoms. Some of the key factors associated with more severe pain are:

  • having a heavy menstrual flow
  • the birth of your first child
  • you are under the age of 20 years or are having your experiencing your first ever menstrual period
  • having an overabundance of or sensitivity to prostaglandins, a type of chemical in your body that affects your womb – this is a key factor

Other factors include:

  • uterine enlargements
  • endometriosis (abnormal uterine tissue growth)
  • birth control usage

Some home remedies can assist in period pain relief from mild to temporary cramping.

Pain Relief for Period Cramps

There are several ways to obtain pain relief for period cramps.

Your doctor may offer the following to help you with period pain relief. NOTE: We do not personally endorse number 1 or 2 on this list as regular courses of action because over time they become dangerous, unhealthy habits – but we include it with the list of commonly used OTCs as part of your decision making process:

1. Anti-inflammatories

Regular doses of over-the-counter pain medicines like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, and others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) starting the day before your period is expected to start will help control cramp pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) are also advised to be used on recommendation by the doctors. Start taking the pain reliever before starting your period, or as soon as you notice symptoms, and take it for two to three days, or until your symptoms disappear.

2. Hormone birth control

NOTE: BCPs are abortifacients, which means that they cause abortion / miscarriage after conception rather than preventing conception as with condoms.

Hormones in oral birth control pills suppress ovulation and alleviate menstrual pains. An injection, a skin patch, an implant placed under the skin of your arm, a flexible ring that you insert into your vaginal canal, or an intrauterine device can all be used to administer these hormones (IUD).

3. Surgery

If your period cramps are caused by an underlying condition like endometriosis or fibroids, surgery to repair the problem may be able to alleviate your symptoms. If various treatments fail to relieve your symptoms and you don’t want to have children, surgical removal of the uterus may be a viable choice.

Period Pain Relief Home Remedies

The following methods are some period pain relief home remedies:

1. Apply a heating patch to the affected area.

A heating patch or wrapping up your abdominal area can help your uterus muscles relax, because these muscles are the reason behind period cramps. Heat can also help to improve circulation in the abdomen, which can help alleviate pain. Heating pads may be more efficient than acetaminophen in relieving period cramps, according to research (Tylenol). Electric heating pads and hot water bottles aren’t as handy to use as patches, but they’re good options if you plan on spending a lot of time at home and won’t be moving much.

2. Rubbing essential oils into your stomach will help period pain relief.

When massaged into the belly, several essential oils, primarily when used in a blend, have been shown to help relieve period cramps, according to research.
The following oils appear to be the most beneficial in alleviating period cramps:

  • lavender
  • sage
  • rose
  • marjoram
  • cinnamon
  • clove
3. Do some physical activity.

Low-to-moderate intensity aerobic activity may help relieve period cramp pain, according to a 2018 study. Women who exercised for 30 minutes three times a week for eight weeks had fewer period pains. Consider biking to work, taking a brisk walk during lunch, dancing to your favorite tunes, or participating in a sport you enjoy to get an aerobic workout into your schedule.

Bathe in a tub of warm water.

Another technique to provide the warmth your stomach, pelvic, and back muscles require to relax is to soak in a hot bath. By mixing a few drops of essential oils — such as lavender, sage, or rose — with a carrier oil in your bathwater, you can boost the pain-relieving effect of a nice soak. Epsom salt can also be used to help with muscle soreness. To obtain the best benefit from a hot bath, try relaxing for at least 15 minutes.

5. Do Yoga.

According to one study, yoga, like aerobic exercise, may assist in period pain relief. Experts discovered that women who attended 60-minute yoga classes once a week for 12 weeks experienced significant decreases in period pain.

6. Supplements.

In controlled research, magnesium was significantly more efficient than placebos in alleviating cramps, according to a 2017 review of magnesium used in gynecology. Cinnamon, fennel, and ginger were all linked to less period pain, according to a study of nine research published in 2020. Cinnamon also seemed to reduce the time that people were in pain.

Looking for the best and quick pain relief for cramps during periods?

If you’re looking for quick pain relief during periods for cramps, anti-inflammatory remedies are the most effective relief of uncomfortable menstrual cramps. CBD oil, ginger, turmeric, lavender are hands down the best place to start and finish.

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