Here is an example of some of the emails we receive about PCOS spotting.

“I have PCOS and have not been on the pill since October 2012 due to lack of insurance. My cycles have gotten progressively longer in the last 6 months. The last 2 cycles were approximately 40 days. Today is day 18 for me and I am spotting light brown when I wipe. Do you think this is from ovulation? I am not cramping at all. Not too worried just wondering, I can call my doctor on Monday.”

We have several suggestions for this so please let us know if we can help you as well. Here is our response to this type of spotting and our suggestion would also be to help her overcome the PCOS and long cycles:DIM 150 Estrogen Blocker Supplements

Hello Catherine,

I would not usually believe it to be implantation so early but there is always a chance if you ovulated around day 12. It is more likely from ovulation; maybe even a cyst popping.

Usually, with PCOS you would ovulate later in the cycle, not early, That is why I don’t think it to be implantation bleeding since you would have ovulated around day 11 or 12 and then implantation around the 17th or 18th. PCOS spotting is different than another spotting.

I would also like to suggest that it is due to unopposed estrogen and a good healthy cycle will help with that. Consider a natural progesterone shutdown at Infertility Workshop.

Let me know how it works out ; )
Blessings, Brenda