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Ovulation Chart

Brenda Albano

June 24, 2019

Learn the fine art of keeping an accurate ovulation chart via the Fertility Awareness Method

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Find Your Most Fertile Days by charting your ovulation signs. Get started finding your most fertile days and download a free fertility calendar – or BBT Chart as some call it. This chart is especially for helping to keep track of the female fertility cycle. There are two schools of thought at work on this chart. One is to track the changes in temperature which are very accurate in determining ovulation and or pregnancy. The other is actually 2 in one; tracking saliva or electrolytes such as with the Fertility Tracker (for saliva ferning method of tracking fertility at a very small, reasonable cost) or OvaCue (for a more substantial, but worthwhile, purchase) for tracking electrolyte changes in saliva or mucus. A pregnancy and ovulation wheel is helpful in order to determine when you might next ovulate or when is the due date of your baby all with the same nifty tool. Read more from our list of articles on the side of each page or by clicking on the sitemap.

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