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Ovacue Monitor: Ovulation Prediction Made Easy

Brenda Albano

November 3, 2019

Ovacue Monitor

Ovacue Fertility Saliva Ovulation Electronic Monitor Best Price – GET 10 FREE pregnancy tests with every OvaCue Monitor purchased.

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OvaCue Fertility Monitor: Ovulation Prediction Made Easy: The most accurate and convenient way to monitor your fertility

OvaCue Monitor is a saliva-based electronic fertility monitor designed specifically for trying-to-conceive couples. With the OvaCue, you can predict your ovulation date up to seven days in advance by measuring changes in the electrolyte concentration of your saliva  – giving you more opportunities to conceive each month. The OvaCue is ideal for women with regular cycles or irregular cycles.

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Unparalleled Accuracy and Simplicity

The FDA-cleared OvaCue Fertility Monitor has been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation in studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health. Simply place a spoon-sized sensor on your tongue for five seconds each morning and the Ovacue will automatically record your fertile status for the day. The OvaCue tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar.

Reliable and Convenient

On the market for over 20 years, the OvaCue has helped tens of thousands of couples conceive. And because the OvaCue employs saliva-based testing (no messy urine sticks), it can be used for years with no additional purchases required.Ovacue Fertility Monitor Best Fertility Device

With the OvaCue Fertility Monitor you receive:

  • Up to seven days advance notice of ovulation, providing you a greater opportunity to conceive than any other method of ovulation prediction!
  • Unparalleled accuracy for women with regular cycles or irregular cycles – clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation.
  • Simplicity and Convenience – Easy to use saliva-based testing with no messy urine sticks or additional purchases required.
  • Your Own Personalized Fertility Chart – the OvaCue generates an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar which clearly displays your most fertile days of the month.
  • Change languages with the push of a button – displays in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

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