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OvaCue Fertility Monitor: Why I Think It’s the Best in the Market

Brenda Albano

July 17, 2019

Best Ovacue Fertility Monitor In the Market

OvaCue Fertility Monitor is probably the best fertility monitor I have tried all my life. Of all the fertility trackers out there, the ones made by Zetek are among the very best of the “high end” monitors in my opinion. Although it’s a bit more pricey, I believe it’s a good investment for long-term use.

What Is OvaCue?Ovacue Fertility Monitor

Zetek monitors called Cue II (an earlier version) and OvaCue Fertility Monitor are used to track fertile days. They cost from $249 to $349 depending on which model and accessories you choose. While the price seems a bit high, you’ll realize that you’re actually saving money in the long run when you see how well these monitors perform their functions.

How Does a Fertility Monitor Work?

Zetek fertility monitors measure the electrolytes in both the saliva and cervical fluid to determine what point the fertility cycle is in. They generally operate in the same way as other fertility monitors, with the exception that the OvaCue Fertility Monitor stores your information in the unit while regular monitors have to be charted on paper, like the Fertility Focus, a personal ovulation microscope that tests your hormones through saliva. It is not as high-tech as the OvaCue, but it works well for tracking fertility as well.

Now let’s talk more about the features of OvaCue. OvaCue Fertility Monitor comes with an oral sensor that you can purchase with an optional vaginal sensor.

The oral sensor is used starting on day four of the cycle, first thing in the morning and is to be pressed firmly on the tongue before taking in any food or drinks. The unit will automatically give out a number to either be charted (by the Cue II) or stored in the OvaCue app. This sensor also alerts you about your ovulation five to seven days in advance through the OvaCue Peak (the highest followed by two low readings.) The OvaCue fertility monitor manual contained with the unit explains all this in detail.

The vaginal sensor, on the other hand, has to be used after bleeding has stopped. It’s best to use it at the same time every day. I use mine in the evening after a shower. It also alerts to ovulation a day or two before (with the Vaginal Low) and again on the day of ovulation (with the Vaginal Rise). This vaginal sensor is an add-on.

However, you will not see the vaginal sensor alert unless you are definitely ovulating.

What Is the Best Fertility Monitor?

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. Zetek monitors are the best.

It’s because of its ability to predict ovulation up to a week in advance then definitely confirming ovulation as it happens why I feel these monitors are superior over all the other brands. It gives a long enough advance warning about ovulation, then actually confirms ovulation right before and during. It makes planning for a specific gender fairly easy.

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The price range of the Zetek monitor compares to that of the Clear Blue Easy – (Clear Plan). But the price is the only similarity in my opinion.

With the Clear Blue Easy, you have to purchase test strips each month, which can cost up to an additional $50 per month. With the Zetek monitors, the only thing you’ll ever have to purchase after the initial buy is a 9-volt battery. I’ve had my Cue II since 2001, and I’m still using the same 9-volt battery that came with the unit in 2005!

The OvaCue is best for women with regular cycles, as it’s a computerized unit that stores the information and best handles cycles that occur within a normal range.

Do these monitors really work? YES! My baby is living proof.

The Cue II alerted me to ovulation seven days prior, and I confirmed ovulation and conception happened! Eleven (11) days later, I had a positive pregnancy test!

On a personal note, I used Cue II for birth control as well. The manufacturer makes no claim that the monitors can be used as birth control. However, I personally feel that with a proper understanding of the fertility cycle, these units work well for me as a birth control aid.

Blog is originally written by guest blogger Lori.

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