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Natural Remedies for ED: Alternative Options Available to Get Hard Fast

Brenda Albano

January 27, 2022

Natural Remedies for ED

Natural Remedies for ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as male impotence, is defined as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection that’s firm enough for sex.

The occasional failure to achieve or maintain an erection is not a cause for concern and may not be ED;; this problem may be caused by stress. But if the frequency of episodes of ED happens more routinely, then it may be a serious condition and steps should be taken to manage it.

Some of the options to manage ED may include invasive surgeries or prescribed medication, but there are some natural remedies for erectile dysfunction as well. The great thing about these remedies is that they are non-invasive. Natural remedies include products made from natural herbs and organic resources and it includes lifestyle changes as well.

Some of the natural remedies for ED include:

Natural Herbal Alternatives

There is a lot of information about herbal options that many people find to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Experts believe that two herbal treatments, L-arginine and ayurvedic herbs, are effective in addressing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction Ayurvedic herbs such as ashwagandha roots, holy basil leaves, turmeric roots, trikatu powder, Triphala powder, and amla fruit powder have been used for centuries. Ginseng extract and juice extracted from pomegranate have also been found helpful in ED.

Arginine Cream Maximum Formula is a specially formulated product particularly useful in improving erections and orgasms. It contains L-Arginine,a form of arginine that plays a role in releasing nitric oxide (NO), a powerful neurotransmitter that supports circulation by relaxing blood vessels, thus, improving blood flow to the penis and helping achieve and maintain an erection.

Ayurvedic Fertility Booster is another helpful natural fertility supplement for improving fertility and enriching one’s health. It is a blend of ayurvedic herbs especially helpful in improving fertility and sexual function. Its natural blend of synergistic herbs ensures and may also boost libido.

Chrysin Max is a natural aromatase inhibitor transdermal cream (estrogen blocker) designed to regulate testosterone and estrogen hormones. It primarily acts by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, allowing for a balanced level of sex hormones among men. It may help to ward off impotence that is caused by low levels of testosterone.

Chrysin Max Infographics

Ginseng extract may help with nitric oxide production in the body, which can then improve the flow of blood to the penis.

Pomegranate juice has antioxidants in high quantities that can prevent the arteries from clogging up and thereby promoting better blood flow in the body.

It is important to know that natural remedies for ED offer effective options to address the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. These remedies are easy to adhere to and free from the side effects that are accompanied by prescribed medications and other invasive options such as surgery.

Lifestyle Changes

A person’s lifestyle can have a negative impact on their libido and lead to impotence. Eating healthy food and adding exercise to your daily routine can help with the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Active Lifestyle

Among the natural remedies for ED, getting sufficient exercise and maintaining an overall active lifestyle is the most effective. Unlike other natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, having an active lifestyle prevents the body from developing the symptoms of ED. Physical activity helps improve the ability to keep and maintain an erection, so be sure to make it a part of your daily routine.

An active lifestyle means that blood circulates efficiently throughout the body. Better circulation means a better erection because of an elevated level of nitric oxide. Exercise promotes the secretion of testosterone in the body which is an important factor in achieving an erection quickly.

  • Healthy Diet

Food has a direct effect on the body. While there are some foods that help the body in easing underlying symptoms of ED, such as fish, meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables other foods should be consumed in less quantity, like refined grains and red meat.

Natural remedies for ED include a healthy diet because it helps the body maintain an ideal weight. Research shows that people with unhealthy BMI and an increased waist are more at risk of developing ED than others.

There are some underlying conditions such as diabetes mellitus and some vascular ailments which contribute to the risk of getting ED. Maintaining a healthy diet decreases the chances of developing these conditions and therefore reduces the risk of getting ED.

  • Sufficient Sleep

Sleep allows your mind and body to repair, restore and re-energize. According to one study, sleep, sex hormones, and the sexual activity of a person are linked. The study has observed that when the sleep cycle is improved it results in an increase in the production of testosterone in the body.

Low levels of secretion of testosterone are directly linked to male impotence. The control of hormone production in the body is directly controlled by the natural clock in the body. This internal clock is helped by the sleep cycle so that it can effectively control the secretion of hormones in the body.

Getting proper sleep can help you to achieve an erection by improving the production of testosterone in the body.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict and narrow their diameter. Smoking can also contribute to vascular diseases as well as ED. This happens because erectile dysfunction symptoms are affected by the poor blood circulation that occurs due to the vascular conditions caused by smoking.

Almost all tobacco products can affect the flow of blood through some of the important blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Therefore, one of the simplest ways natural remedies for erectile dysfunction is to quit using tobacco products in any form.

  • Control Alcohol Consumption

Nitric oxide contributes to achieving and maintaining a better erection. The production of nitric oxide is controlled by the central nervous system. Experts believe that if alcohol is consumed regularly and in large volumes then it can affect the central nervous system and its ability to regulate nitric oxide. Therefore, it is important to cut down on alcohol consumption if you want to prevent ED.

  • Side Effects of Medication

In some cases of ED, the symptoms are caused by medication taken for some other medical condition. The medications usually prescribed to treat vascular conditions and other generalized symptoms can lead to ED. This includes antidepressants, beta-blockers, and corticosteroids.

If you are uncertain, if your medication is the cause of your impotence, then you should have a discussion with your healthcare provider who may have options to stop using a drug or to switch to an alternate drug. But a decision to stop taking medication or switch medication should only be done with the consultation of your doctor.

  • Alternative Medicine

As stated earlier, some medications can have side effects which can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. These medications include antidepressants and some uptake inhibitors such as serotonin. A study has shown that people consuming such medication can benefit from an alternative therapy i.e., acupuncture.

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