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The Basics You Need To Know About Natural & Organic Progesterone Cream And Fertility

Brenda Albano

September 11, 2019

Know More About Natural & Organic Progesterone Cream And Fertility

I receive a lot of emails asking what I recommend to get pregnant and stay pregnant. You know that we can’t prescribe or make claims to treating or curing but what about what has worked, time and time again, for women of varying needs.

There are a lot of remedies out there – from tea to pills to tinctures. However, there are actually three or four things I count most important to just about anything fertility. I can’t be too far off since it seems that holistic practitioners generally agree:

  • 25 mg of vitamin B6 a day – preferably in a good PreNatal Multi-Vitamin (PreNatal Multi and PreNatal Multi with DHA or B100Complex).
  • Red raspberry leaf if miscarriage has been a concern or for preparing the womb for labor (red raspberry leaf).
  • Using a natural and organic progesterone cream after ovulation and continuing through pregnancy or for signs and symptoms of menopause.

Of those three items for fertility, the top recommended one is the natural bioidentical progesterone cream since progesterone is what the body manufacturers at this time, in order to allow early baby to nest in the uterus.

Can Progesterone Cream Help Get You Pregnant?

Progesterone is the one hormone in the body of both male and female that regulates the entire endocrine system. That means progesterone helps to keep all the other hormones in check and in balance.

WFP Infographics Fertile Balance Natural Progesterone Cream For Fertiliy

When there is a deficiency in progesterone, the entire body can seem out of whack. Symptoms include all PMS and menopausal symptoms, thyroid dysfunction, low libido, infertility and pregnancy problems.

Right now, I’m going to focus on the role that progesterone plays in fertility. Can progesterone cream increase fertility and help you get pregnant?

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant is the goal. While there is no promise that all will be well, hormonal imbalance is the end goal during and beyond the pregnancy years. Natural and organic progesterone speaks to all of the times of a woman’s life. End of note.

  • The body produces progesterone in the second half of the cycle, known as the luteal phase.
  • It’s progesterone that causes the basal body temperature to rise. (See our articles about charting and using a basal thermometer in TTC.)
  • It’s progesterone that helps the lining of the uterus to thicken for a possible fertilized egg to implant. A nest for baby.
  • It’s progesterone that goes on to maintain a pregnancy, once implantation takes place.
  • And it’s progesterone that keeps the baby safely in the womb until ready to be born.

Knowing what progesterone does, you can certainly see why a deficiency in this can cause a lot of problems. If you are progesterone deficient, you will most assuredly experience one or more of the following:Natural Health Affiliate Program

  • PMS
  • Luteal phase deficiency / luteal phase defects
  • Miscarriage – primary or secondary including third trimester preeclampsia
  • Preterm labor
  • Possibly premature birth
  • Low progesterone is also responsible for postpartum depression in many cases

To help counter these progesterone deficiency, we recommend Fertile Balance Organic Progesterone Cream of Beyond Fertility Store. Fertile Balance contains USP-grade progesterone, which is converted in the exact same way that the body would maximize progesterone presence in the bloodstream. Learn more about Fertile Balance, an organic progesterone cream here.

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