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Late Period Spotting

brenda albano

June 13, 2011

Late Period Spotting Common Occurrence with Miscarriage

I am having a late period spotting twice” writes Shantesha

Well my period is one week late. I started spotting two weeks ago it last for one second or several minutes. Did not happen again until a week ago and last for the same amount of time. I cant define that as being my menstrual? Or can I? Please say yes.

Here would be the schedule possibly: May 24th – ovulation – May 31 – implantation spotting – June 6th – period due – spotting and now it would put you at about 2 weeks pregnant.

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If you ovulated late: It would have been around May 31st and the spotting could be from Mittleschmerz which is a little blood drom the egg releasing from the ovary which is not usually noticed but can be. Then you still would have last week the 6th that would be implantation spotting again.

Either way it looks that way unless you have other answers to the questions below.

If you are pregnant:
Last week if you spotted it would have been the time you expected your period that you spotted.
The week before would have been implantation spotting which means that your baby would have  been attaching to the uterine lining in order to begin growing a placenta to be nourished by. This leads to a tiny amount of blood that is often not noticed but is similar to what you are describing.

Then spotting around the time of  a period is common also.

Now, we can shift this also if in fact you ovulated late this month. It can certainly happen. That would be mean that your cycle that you are about to have your period and quite honestly it would put you most likely as 1 week ago that you had implantation or had a cyst and it broke and caused a little bit of blood.

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Your timing makes it hard to believe you are not pregnant unless you were to say that it is a normal thing for you to skip a cycle or that you have a very long cycle every so often.

Other Possible Answers and Questions to Ask Yourself:

YES it could be that it is just a period that wants to happen – I do not believe this is the case- but I have some questions.

  • Has this ever happened before? Are your cycles ever long? It might explain having cysts that are not allowing you to ovulate properly and leave a little blood when your body tries.
  • When did you have sex around? That matters as to when you ovulated and then lining it up with the rest of the cycle.
  • Do you know about fertility charting or tracking signs of ovulation? Do you know how the cycle works?
  • Have you ever had this happen? Any longer cycles or scares about being pregnant?
  • How old are you? Peri-menopause women can have two cycles come together if one ovary does not ovulate on a month.
  • Have your cycles become shorter lately? If so, it can be that your cycles have combined to make a long cycle without ovulating one month as mentioned below.
  • Do you have the possibility of cysts?

Please feel free to write more and answer these or ask more.


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