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How To Lose Weight With PCOS Fast. Change Lifestyle, Diet Plans & Fight Insulin Resistance

Brenda Albano

September 4, 2020

How To Lose Weight With PCOS Fast

How to Lose Weight with PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, and development of small cysts on one or both ovaries. Many patients gain weight along with other symptoms. The most frequently asked question by these patients is how to lose weight with PCOS. Well, this unique health condition requires a unique approach to achieve an effective weight loss. Insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance are major players in this disease so normal diets and exercises may not be very fruitful for the patients with PCOS. Consider maintaining a healthy blood sugar as well.

It is often said that people don’t fail diets – the diets fail them. In the traditional approach, the first idea that comes to our mind when talking about losing weight is to restrict calorie intake. However, the disease creates an imbalance in hunger hormones and causes blood sugar levels to rise and crash throughout the day. Consequently, many women with PCOS develop an eating disorder, such as yo-yo dieting and binge eating, that escalates the situation and makes it even harder for the patients to shed weight. It is well established that obesity is associated with anovulation, miscarriage, or late pregnancy complications, which implies that losing weight with PCOS needs serious attention. This article talks about how to lose weight with PCOS, diet plans and insulin resistance.

Losing Weight with PCOS Fast? Change Lifestyle

PCOS itself is quite frustrating in nature because it affects hormonal activity and the daily routines of life. Studies suggest that around 7 percent of women in childbearing age get this disorder and have higher than normal BMI. Hormonal imbalance combined with insulin resistance and inflammation related to the disorder makes it tough for women to reduce their weight. Arginine cream may help reduce the inflammation caused by PCOS and fibroids in women. Some studies propose that losing weight with PCOS is very difficult, but it has also been observed that a small weight loss of even 5 percent may help to reduce the disease symptoms dramatically and improve the quality of life for many women. Therefore, PCOS patients who experience obesity look for a quick-response technique to lose weight. Let’s try to answer how to lose weight with PCOS fast.

Low Carbs and High Fiber Diet May Help

Changing your lifestyle and eating habits is the front-line treatment for losing weight under normal conditions and it becomes significantly more important if you have PCOS disease. Studies have shown interesting results for reducing the carbohydrate intake’s impact on weight loss. Food containing high fiber content is also recommended and associated with fast weight loss. Food with high fiber content is very filling and it helps you stay full after a meal which leads to low food consumption throughout the day. So a high-fiber diet may help to improve weight loss in women with PCOS. Regular exercise can also ward off many diseases and help you with rapid fat loss.

TIP: Try the Nutritionix app for keeping track of fiber, carbs, protein and fats and helps you to find a healthy daily balance.

A research conducted in the United States shows an optimum fiber intake or Reference Daily Intake (RDI) as 14 grams per 1000 calories for an effective weight loss. In other words, RDI of 25 grams per day is required for a significant reduction in weight, whereas normal fiber intake in women normally does not extend beyond 15 grams per day. In one small research, 57 women with PCOS disorder were observed to have a significant weight loss with low carbohydrate and high-fiber diet. Some high-fiber food options to obtain an effective diet plan for PCOS include: green lettuce, green peppers, beans and lentils , chia seeds, hemp hearts and berries. Losing weight with PCOS can become a bit easier by adding these into the daily routine.

PCOS and Insulin Resistance

PCOS not only affects ovaries but it also alters the hormone balance and often causes insulin resistance as well. When the body becomes insulin resistant, its ability to regulate blood sugar levels and process carbohydrates in our food intake decreases. Approximately 70 percent of women with PCOS have insulin resistance as well. Another research relates to high insulin levels with increased body fat and weight gain in women with or without PCOS. Mostly a low-glycemic diet is recommended for women with PCOS to lose weight quickly. The Glycemic index is a measure of how fast a certain food increases the blood sugar level. Foods that slow down the digestion and reduce the impact of sugar on blood are thought to help with insulin resistance and may be included in a PCOS diet. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts may serve the purpose to help lose weight with PCOS and insulin resistance.

Progesterone Cream for PCOS

It is often presumed that progesterone cream is exclusively used for hormone balance in several health conditions like perimenopause and menopause. However, bio-identical progesterone creams may help in creating hormonal balance in women of all ages. Bio-identical progesterone cream for PCOS is similar to the hormone produced in our body, so it is easy to be identified by the cells and safe to use. A rise in insulin levels is the main cause of obesity with PCOS. Some studies suggest that an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen levels leads to an excessive release of insulin in the body. Subsequently, the body develops insulin resistance and that is where obesity consolidates its basis. Progesterone creams are thought to be helpful to maintain hormonal balance and in that way, it may reduce the risks of PCOS.

Progesterone creams for PCOS may also benefit in losing weight by controlling the hormonal balance and inhibiting the accumulation of fats in our body. Weight loss can be improved not only by circulating androgen and glucose levels but also through ovulation and pregnancy rates in obese women with PCOS. So progesterone creams may help women of all ages to improve their weight loss practice and increase the chances of pregnancy. Research suggests that weight loss techniques like modifications in lifestyle, medical or surgical; must be performed during the preconception period and not jointly with the reproduction therapies. Some small studies suggest satisfactory results for the use of progesterone cream for PCOS in the form of an increase in endometrial thickness, pregnancy rate, and significant weight reduction.

PCOS Diet Plan

As discussed earlier, PCOS not only affects the ovaries but is also the root cause of many other health conditions in women. Obesity is one of the many outcomes of PCOS/PCOD. Due to this disorder, hormonal balance becomes very sensitive, and traditional dieting plans to reduce weight seem to fall short or prove ineffective in PCOS. Research conducted on the effect of diet on symptoms of PCOS and weight loss suggests that certain diet compositions have different impacts on women’s health and losing weight with PCOS might be possible by sticking to these diets. Mostly, low-carb, high-fiber diets and PCOS diet plan are recommended to help improve PCOS symptoms. Tomatoes and turmeric also have an immediate effect on the hormonal activity and may trigger the weight loss activity in the body. When following a PCOS diet plan, certain foods with refined hydro carbonate content, such as red beef should be avoided. A small study suggests that low-carb foods may impact positively on weight-loss activity and may reduce PCOS symptoms.

Efficacy of Natural Remedies in PCOS

Women with PCOS syndrome have been using different sorts of remedies for possible relief from the symptoms of the condition. There are some famous natural remedies that are thought to help with PCOS and most women ask whether berberine and apple cider vinegar show some positive results with PCOS or not. We have tried to explain briefly about their possible effect in relieving PCOS symptoms:

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for PCOS?

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used for many health benefits and it’s efficacy for PCOS is known as well. Apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity and may help in regulating blood sugar levels, so apple cider vinegar can be a worthy ingredient to tackle the main health complexity related to PCOS. Moreover, apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss as well, which seems to be a problem associated with PCOS as well. Apple cider vinegar can further prove useful in PCOS as some studies show its role in restoring normal ovulatory function in women. So, apple cider vinegar can be a very helpful remedy in tackling PCOS.

Is Berberine Good for PCOS?

Berberine is a popular alkaloid extracted from chinese herbs like goldenseal, oregon grape and barberry etc. It finds its use in remedies to help with different health conditions. Berberine can help with insulin sensitivity, weight loss and regulating cholesterol profiles in addition to many other useful health functions. These positive outcomes of berberine makes it an effective possible remedy for PCOS.

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