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Get to Know How To Balance Hormones Naturally with These Top 6 Tips

Brenda Albano

June 27, 2021

How To Balance Hormones Naturally with These Top 6 Tips

Discover How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Hormones are responsible for the health of a person be it emotional, mental, or physical health. They do so by controlling activities of the body by exchanging chemical messages between tissues of the body.

In normal circumstances, the endocrine glands know how to balance hormones naturally so that body functions can be carried out properly.

Disturbance of natural hormone balance has become a common problem today where every other person is facing it. Naturally, levels of certain hormones decline over the period of time as a person ages. But in most cases of hormone imbalance, the decrease in hormone levels occurs drastically and before their time. Therefore, it is imperative to know how to balance hormones naturally by adopting a healthy lifestyle and consuming a diet that is beneficial in restoring hormone levels in the body. Many don’t realize that insulin is a hormone as well and can easily disrupt the delicate balance in your body wreaking havoc on other hormones including those known for fertility.

Before anything is done to correct hormone balance, know that you have an imbalance. ZRT saliva hormone tests at home are the ideal way to get answers, in a non-invasive way, in the privacy of your own home. You’ll even get advice and suggestions from trusted doctors, right in your inbox.

Top 6 Tips for Balancing Hormones Naturally

To make it easier for you to balance hormones naturally, we have compiled a few natural methods that could help restore levels of hormones in the body.

1. Regular Workouts

Yes, we know you just said “Ugh”. But we have to include it and doing exercise on a regular basis is one way to balance hormones naturally as it works by reducing the level of insulin in the body. Over the period of time, it will also increase the body’s sensitivity towards insulin.

Insulin sensitivity of the body helps in the take-up of insulin to manage blood glucose levels. On the other hand, high insulin levels are dangerous for the body as they can cause serious health problems over time.

Exercises including aerobic activities are beneficial in sensitizing the body for insulin and thereby reducing insulin in the body. A study of the effects of exercise on hormone levels in women showed that with increasing exercise duration, the body starts producing a hormone called adiponectin that is beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Stress Management is the Key

Stress is harmful to human beings as it brings a plethora of problems with it for the hormones as well. A class of hormones mainly affected by stress is epinephrine. Epinephrine includes adrenaline and cortisol.

Adrenaline prepares the body for fight and fight and cortisol is produced by the body to help it through stress. An increase in levels of these hormones from time to time is not harmful but if the stress factor continues then the level of cortisol remains constantly high leading to bouts of high caloric eating and causing obesity. The level of adrenaline however does not remain elevated for a longer period of time.

Therefore, it is important to engage in an activity to diffuse the stress i.e. yoga, meditation, and a relaxing massage to balance hormones naturally by reducing the level of cortisol in the body. Consider a good Vitamin C supplement as well, to replenish what stress depletes.

3. Develop Balanced Eating Habits

It is important to maintain balanced eating habits so that the body maintains hormone levels at a healthy level. PCOS and diminished ovarian reserve are examples of what insulin resistance can create. Increasing appetite causes obesity and reduces the sensitivity of the body towards insulin which then increases the level of insulin in the body.

Similarly, if food intake is cut down drastically it signals the body that it is going through a stressful condition. In response, the body produces cortisol hormone at higher levels. At higher levels, cortisol promotes binge eating episodes which translate into sudden weight gain. An earlier study has also indicated that when the food intake is cut down it may also make the body resistant to insulin.

Therefore, people who know how to balance hormones naturally keep their eating habits balanced and avoid any drastic change in them.

4. Consume Good Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are known as good fatty acids because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics. Fish is a rich source of these fatty acids. These fatty acids help in restoring the natural hormone balance of epinephrine in the body.

A study carried out in men highlighted less increase in cortisol levels of people who consumed omega-3 fatty acids in their diet as compared to the people who were taking a balanced diet minus omega-3 fatty acids.

Similarly, studies carried out to understand the relation between omega-3 fatty acids consumption and insulin resistance also showed that a sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids could play a significant role in reducing insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance can occur in the body for a number of reasons including PCOS and even gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy though this is all a “which came first” kind of situation.

Making fish a part of your weekly diet can provide a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids required by the body to maintain the natural hormone balance of the body.

5. Take Natural Hormone Balance Supplements

A natural way of bringing balance to upset hormone levels in the body is by using natural hormone balance supplements like Female Hormone Balance and Fertile Balance Progesterone Cream. These supplements are derived from plant sources, converted to bioidentical hormones and phytohormones in the ingredients; all behaving identical to human hormones. Adding a Vitamin B6 to your diet is simple but very helpful. Vitamin C as well since both will help the body greatly when dealing with high stress, which wreaks havoc on the hormonal system.

The natural hormone balance supplements help in elevated hormone levels. Also, when certain hormones are not being produced in the body they help to balance them back to certain levels effective for body functions.

6. Avoid Excessive Intake of Sugars and Carbohydrates

Sugar in excess is not beneficial for the body. Sugar becomes more harmful to the body when it is consumed in the form of sugar-rich beverages and other simple sugars. According to a study, sugar-rich beverages contribute to resistance towards insulin and it is the leading cause of childhood obesity and weight problems in younger adults. Because sugar-rich drinks do not have any solid fibers in them therefore it is easy to over-consume them since they don’t trigger the sensation of fullness even after consuming a considerable amount of them.

Refined carbohydrates also contribute to insulin level elevation in the body. As the name suggests, these carbohydrates are refined, and once consumed they are readily taken up by the body and broken down into smaller fructose units.

According to a study, fructose is harmful to obese and diabetic people because of its contribution to insulin resistance. Therefore, people with underlying health conditions should avoid a sugary and carbohydrate-rich diet. Let’s face it. Avoiding these drinks altogether will help keep you from these issues to begin with. There is a reason people will tell you not to drink your carbs. The diet most suited for them should be low in carbohydrates and should not contain sugar; including chemical “fake” sugars as well. Those dangers are for another article. Only then they will be able to keep their insulin levels to a considerable healthy level.

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