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High Estrogen Symptoms: Know What Happens and How To Lower Them

Brenda Albano

October 25, 2020

High Estrogen Symptoms Know What Happens and How To Lower Them

High Estrogen Symptoms – What You Need To Do

As we age, certain body sensations become more pronounced. Before we discuss high estrogen symptoms, let’s review what estrogen is and its role in both the male and female bodies.

The estrogen hormone is a sex hormone present in both females and males, but in different amounts. For females, estradiol, the strongest reproductive hormone among the 3 naturally produced estrogen hormones, is responsible for turning a girl into a woman (puberty) as well as physical features and reproduction — menstrual cycle and childbearing. Estrogen also has other functions such as converting cholesterol, protecting bone health for both men and women, and affecting your brain (including your moods), heart, skin, and certain other tissues.

What Happens If Estradiol is Too High?

What happens if estradiol is too high? High levels of estrogen can put you at a higher risk of other conditions such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), estrogen dominance can also increase your risk of endometrial cancer. Excess estrogen may also put you at a higher risk of a blood clot and stroke.

What is a High Estradiol Level?

When something becomes too much, even if it’s good, it can still be harmful. So when there is too much estradiol in your body, bodily functions change to adapt to this unwelcomed invasion. Now, what is a high estradiol level? To know what is high, you need to know what the normal ranges for estradiol are for both adult males and females. In adult males, the normal estradiol count is 14 to 55 pg/ml. In adult females, estradiol levels vary in the different stages of the menstrual cycle. In the follicular phase (Day 5), it’s 19 to 140 pg/ml. Just before ovulation, 110 to 410 pg/ml, and 19 to 160 pg/ml during the luteal phase. After menopause, the normal count is less than 35 pg/ml. Therefore, estradiol levels beyond the normal figures can lead to high estrogen symptoms.

What Causes High Estradiol in Males?

In the male body, there are two major hormones coming into play in keeping the mind and body operating in peak performance: testosterone, and a portion of testosterone being chemically converted to estradiol (estrogen). Testosterone affects your sexual development, physique, and even your personality and emotional experience. In fact, testosterone and estrogen are important throughout life.

What causes high estradiol in males? As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline. This can be a result of many factors, including lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol abuse, various glandular dysfunctions, and even simply too many stressors on the body and mind. One of the biggest causes of declining testosterone in men as they age, however, is excess aromatase enzyme activity. This activity, when it gets out of control, which it can as we age, results in increased levels of testosterone being turned into estrogen.

Too Much Estrogen in Women

Too much estrogen in women can have a negative impact on your entire body. What can cause high estrogen levels in women? Response to medications can bring about elevated estrogen levels. Some women who embark on estrogen replacement therapy may also have a high estrogen count. Phenothiazines, which doctors prescribe for some mental or emotional disorders, and hormonal contraceptives, are a common cause of high estrogen symptoms

How to Lower Estrogen Levels in Females

There are natural ways to lower estrogen levels in females. They are:

  • Nutrition. Magnesium and B vitamins are essential in the metabolism of estrogen in the body. Phytoestrogens foods rich in estrogen, are present in processed foods. Avoid them and ensure fruits and vegetables are on your menu.
  • Enough sleep – Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is key to overall hormonal balance.
  • Take in more fiber – Estrogen is secreted in urine and in bowel movement.
  • Lose that body fat – Maintaining a healthy weight can improve hormonal health.
  • Find ways to reduce stress – The stress hormone cortisol increases progesterone use.
  • Reduce caffeine intake – Caffeine affects estrogen levels.
  • Supplements and natural hormone creams – Balancing with natural progesterone, phytoestrogens or chrysin-based creams depending upon the cause.

Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

Let’s first take a look at the estrogen dominance symptoms in men:

Estrogen dominance symptoms in women include:

  • Weight gain, especially around the waist and hips.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Light spotting or heavy bleeding.
  • Painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Other symptoms in females with high estrogen levels include: cold hands and feet, fatigue, headaches, bloating, difficulty sleeping, low sex drive, hair loss, swollen or tender breasts, uterine fibroids (noncancerous growths around the uterus), breast lumps (noncancerous), problems remembering, and mood changes, anxiety or depression.

Chrysin Estrogen Blocker

Aside from the natural ways of lowering estrogen levels, the chrysin estrogen blocker proves to be helpful because of its inhibitory effect on estrogen. Chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor when applied in high concentration levels. It works by suppressing the activity of the enzyme aromatase, which activates aromatization, a process that involves the conversion of androgen and testosterone into different forms of estrogen. An increase in aromatase activity in men may result in low circulating testosterone, causing symptoms such as breast development and limited bone growth.

Besides regulating testosterone and estrogen levels, chrysin also hinders the suppression of natural killer cells that eradicate cancer cells. Moreover, this extract contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which, when used properly, may support higher energy levels, greater stamina, better sexual function, greater muscle tone, enhanced libido, erectile function, increased mental clarity, and a more positive sense of wellbeing.

Estrogen dominance may just be a bump on the road of life, but you must take action to lower your estrogen levels in order to insure hormonal balance Remember, a healthier body, a happier you!

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