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In Her Own Words: A Success Story

Brenda Albano

July 2, 2019

Here is my story! I just turned 37 this year, but have been trying to conceive since I was 29. Since 2000, we have done a total of 10 procedures. 4 IUI’s in 2000 with my OBGYN, which all were negative so I had him refer me to a specialist. In 2001, we attempted our 1st IVF 1/01 that was negative, our 2nd attempt 4/01 was positive but ended up in miscarriage, actually they called it a chemical pregnancy. So again, we attempted yet a 3rd IVF, which I had to cancel due to a very bad response to the Meds and we ended up doing an IUI cycle, which was negative. We took a long break and 4/2002 attempted the 3rd IVF and it worked but only to miscarry at 6 weeks. We saw the baby, but there was no heartbeat. Talk about being devastated! I thought for sure that was it, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t mention earlier but I was struggling with Egg quality issues and a high FSH level. My DR. wouldn’t do another IVF cycle unless we used Donor Eggs, which I wasn’t ready for. So I went and got a 2nd opinion with another specialist and we decided to go with him.

So last year we attempted our 4th IVF cycle with no luck and we attempted another one in July but had to cancel because the pharmacy gave me one Medication that was wrong and it threw off the whole thing. So our 5th attempt was in September. This was going to be our last.

My body was just giving up and I was not producing enough eggs (follicles). My first ultrasound I only had 2 which is not very much compared to the 6 I was normally getting on my 1st appt. This was on the max dose of Meds he could give me.

Anyway, I just told him “I know what I’m up against and this is going to be my last try, Can we still go ahead with the 2 that I have?” He said if they were still there on my next visit yes. So they were still there and on September 30th they took the 2 eggs out and only 1 fertilized.

On October 3, 2003 they put the 1 embryo back in. Dr. only gave me a 15% chance of getting pregnant. I told him that was fine. I know what I’m dealing with. To DH’s surprise and mine this was it.

I can’t tell you how negative I was about the whole thing. I was so ready to just move on and call it quits. I was just at peace with myself knowing we had tried everything to have a child of our own and I knew my body was giving up on me and that there was no way the Dr. was going to do another cycle.

So when we got the Positive results I was shocked! Although still scared since I had 2 positive results before only to end in miscarriage. So we waited for our actual 6 week ultrasound that I just dreaded going to. I was so nervous and scared.

10/30/03 was the first ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat! I just died!!!! I cried and cried! I’ve never seen my Dr. so happy! LOL!! I think he was happier than DH was! LOL! DH was crying! We just couldn’t believe it! The next time I went in for blood work to make sure my #’s were going up, I told that I had never seen him so happy before. (DR.) She was like you know he was really choked up with you when you walked out of our office, he says “There goes my Miracle Patient!”

So now here I am with only 5 weeks to go! I had the nurse crying when I told her “You know, I have always believed in Miracles, I just never thought it would happen to me”. Of course, the nurse was reminding me of how I didn’t even want to do that cycle! I said, I know I was so negative! Actually, I had stampin on my brain. I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator and that’s all I thought about doing. LOL!!!!

I got so much support while going through all these procedures. I went to the Baby Center and found a great message board with ladies going through the same thing that I was. What a lifesaver.

Anyway, while some of the ladies I met in the group were getting pregnant, I had been away for a while and they asked where I had been. I told them I was crocheting some baby outfits and blankets for a few baby showers I was going to. So that’s when it started. One of the Ladies found out she was having a girl and ordered a baby outfit from me, the next ordered a blanket and this one hounded me to do my own website that I should be selling my items, etc.

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