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Getting Pregnant After the Pill

brenda albano

November 11, 2019

Getting Pregnant After the Pill

Getting pregnant after the pill isn’t as easy as you may hope. It is not as simple as just discontinuing birth control and getting pregnant. The reason is because chemical birth control pills contain artificial hormones. These hormones prevent the endocrine system from reacting as it normally would and as a result the reproductive hormones will become unbalanced.   Getting pregnant after birth control, commonly, can take up to a couple years. That is not even an exaggerated amount of time.

Getting pregnant after the pillIt can take several months to over a year for the body to right itself after stopping the pill. Think of the hormones as a fine tuned instruments in a symphony. Each one no matter how delicate or strong has a role to play to make the body hum along – or function – properly. When in balance – all systems work beautifully. When unbalanced it’s as if the instruments were replaced with trash can lids and kazoos.

The key to helping the body to achieve pregnancy is to first cleanse the blood and liver and then to balance the reproductive hormones. You can do this through natural means especially if there are no physical infertility issues. You can read about Cleansing for TTC at Infertility Workshop.

First step is to look into taking a natural liver and blood cleanse. Let me suggest a product called Infertility Cleanse by Whole Family Products. It is a natural liver and blood cleanser for 15 days to jump start cleansing. Drink plenty of water while you do any type of cleansing to flush the toxins from your body more easily.

Next would be an herbal hormone combination to balance out your system. Natural Female Hormone Balance has an herb called False Unicorn root. It is, as a single herb, quite expensive but in combination with other hormone leveling herbs very effective for clearing out chemical hormones after the pill.

Next learn to chart your fertility signs, so you can see where the hormone issues are and if your hormones are returning to a right state. Study the Charting Basic articles to learn more about this. Charting will help you to see when your hormone issues are correct as well.

Continue to cleanse your body of the chemicals of birth control pills.

If you have read about the Infertility Workshop cleanse then you know that progesterone cream can be used earlier in the cycle to shut off the ovaries. This can allow healing or to give time without conceiving in order to take time to strengthen and restore. Use the cream from either day 7 through day 28 of your cycle for 1 to 3 months. It really helps to have the right natural progesterone cream. Our choices are Cycle Balance Cream, Natural Progesterone Cream and Fertile Balance Organic Progesterone Cream. Read the natural progesterone cream “Cleansing for TTC article”.

This helps to balance the endocrine system faster. You won’t ovulate during this time, but when you stop the cream, you may likely have a stronger ovulation. If you don’t know when the first day of your last cycle was – just go ahead and use the cream for 3 weeks.

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Once you stop the cream – and ovulate, start back on the cream and use during the luteal phase (and through pregnancy too!). It helps to lengthen the luteal phase and helps to prevent early miscarriages that are causes from hormonal deficiencies. You can read more about these topics in our Progesterone category and Progesterone tag.

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