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Gender Prediction Test

brenda albano

August 13, 2019

Gender Prediction Test | Beyond Fertility

Intelligender and Gendermaker are both manufacturers of prenatal baby gender determination home test kits. Click on the link below to take you to your choices or on the individual product links below.Affiliate Program Earn $1000 Partime

Prenatal Gender Home Predicition Test Kits

Product Features

  • Intelligender is designed for easy home use by curious expectant mothers.
  • This Gender Prediction Test is a simple-to-use urine test that can be performed as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Provides Clear Results In Just 10 Minutes!
  • Proven Over 90 % Accurate.
  • Pink or Blue, Let Intelligender Tell You!

Product Features

  • GENDERmaker urine-based baby gender prediction test is easy to perform at the comfort of your home
  • Find out if you are having a Boy or a Girl as early as 6 week of your fetal development
  • Gender prediction test results in less than a minute
  • Glow pink or blue after determing the gender of your baby
  • Accurate gender prediction results

Product Features

  • At home results in just 2 minutes
  • Very easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • Includes directions in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Click on the images for more information.

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