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Fertility Tracker

brenda albano

August 13, 2019

Fertility Tracker Excellent Ovulation Microscope

The Fertility Tracker is an excellent ovulation microscope. It works by taking a sample of first morning saliva and testing it on a slide. Seeing a ferning pattern indicates that ovulation is imminent. The exciting part is that it cost 1/6 of the price of an OvaCue Fertility Monitor. Visit Beyond Fertility Shop to purchase and compare products. If you are trying to conceive and charting your fertility signs, then using a saliva ovulation monitor is a good way to alert to impending ovulation. They can be used over and over and last for years. ( For Natural Family Planning the Fertility Tracker can be used to see impending fertility early on to work as a form of natural birth control; when you see the ferns, you can avoid possible pregnancy. Remember that nothing except abstinence is 100% ).

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It is always best to use an ovulation monitor along with charting for optimum tracking of the reproduction cycle. To use properly, be sure to read all instructions. The Fertility Tracker provides outstanding, after purchase, customer support.

Saliva ferning has another very important use. Gender selection requires the ability to foresee ovulation early on. When trying to conceive a baby girl or baby boy you need to know when fertility is beginning to increase and when it is full. The Fertility Tracker is perfect for this.

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