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Fertility Store: Best Fertility Products You Can Try

Brenda Albano

September 3, 2019

Fertility Store

Preconception Supplies That You Can Purchase at Beyond Fertility Shop.

It is true that the only things you need in order to conceive a baby is a willing man and woman. Nature takes over and nine months later a baby is born. While this is mostly true, this is the 21st century and women have many neat and useful products to aid in the road to conception. I will go over some of the items that I find both useful and interesting.

First is the digital basal thermometer. Mine has gotten lots of use and I recommend them above all else. They can pinpoint ovulation, alert to possible pregnancy, and with proper education, you can chart your fertility signs and possibly discover infertility. While you can still purchase the glass thermometers, I recommend the digital ones simply because they are faster and more convenient. The only concern is the battery which occasionally has to be replaced.

Next there’s the tests. Home pregnancy tests are one of the most wonderful inventions in the 20th century. Before their invention, women had to wait until their cycles were one to two months overdue before a doctor would perform a blood test. Now we can purchase home pregnancy tests, in all brands, prices, and sensitivities. Testing can be done as early as day 8 post ovulation, though I recommend waiting until at least day 10 post ovulation to avoid false negatives.

Ovulation tests are a good way to test for ovulation. Generally, they can be pricey and will alert a woman some 48 hours prior to ovulation. This isn’t always the case, for some women with some types of infertility will see false positives. Ovulation tests are good to use in the short run. If you want to predict ovulation for a long period of time, I recommend OvaCue Fertility Monitor.

Fertility monitors come in all sizes, price ranges and brands. They work fairly well, with the lower priced ones predicting ovulation three to four days in advance and the higher priced ones predicting ovulation five to seven days in advance. Some fertility monitors use urine to detect ovulation, while others use saliva and cervical fluid. The type and brand you should use depends on the size of your pocketbook and your preferences.

There are countless supplements that boosts your chances of conceiving; from vitamins and herbs to over-the-counter medications and creams. Of the vitamins, prenatal are probably the best ones to take because of the benefits of taking folic acid in early pregnancy. Vitamin B6 and C are good too. Many herbs boost fertility, popular ones being vitex and evening primrose oil. Baby aspirin and cough medicine (guaifenesin) are popular over-the-counter medicines that help with minor infertility issues such as increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs and helping to thin out cervical fluid. Last but not least natural progesterone cream greatly boosts fertility by increasing the luteal phase, thickening the uterine lining and helping to prevent miscarriage.

Like I said, pregnancy can happen without any of these supplies but the availability of these supplies makes the road to conception a much easier one.

All statements in this article are for informational purposes only. Always check with your healthcare provider before trying any new regimen.

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