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Fertility Spells Romance: Top 10 Tips From Lovemaking To Babymaking

Brenda Albano

October 21, 2019

Fertility Spells Romance | Beyond Fertility

Put the Sizzle Back into Baby Making

Face it, when you were on your honeymoon lovemaking was an exciting, invigorating time. Most newly married couples will have sexual intercourse almost daily without ever thinking of it as a drag or something you just have to do. It’s fun, spontaneous and exciting. It’s common for lovemaking to take on a totally different role while trying to conceive. Now lovemaking becomes baby-making and it’s during this sometimes stressful time that the sizzle fizzles. But if you think of it this way – Fertility Spells ROMANCE you’ll keep the sizzle intact.
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If you’ve been trying for months or even years, perhaps the sheer exhaustion of “scheduled” baby-making and timed marathons to have you and your better-half at odds on the bedroom front. I can remember the toll it took on my relationship and how we remedied it. Consider this sage advice and prepare to be spontaneous!

These are just a few ideas that might put some spark back into your love life during the trying to conceive times. First thing I want you to quit worrying about the time of day or the “positions”. Don’t be concerned with spending 20 minutes on your back with your hips elevated. Forget about the missionary (man on top) position UNLESS this is a position you and he really love.

Idea #1

Go out on a date and go parking. Yes! Remember when you were dating and you couldn’t wait to be alone so you went parking. This can be fun and exciting. Be spontaneous, there are plenty of people walking around today who were conceived in the backseat of a car!

Idea #2

Plan a romantic date. Go out to eat at a candle-lit restaurant. Go see a romantic and sexy movie. Put yourselves in the mood with a romantic night out!

Idea #3

Plan a night away at a motel or hotel. There are places to fit any budget and sometimes just being in a different place will spark the flame.

Idea #4

Do role-playing. What turns you on? What turns him on? Let your imagination go and act out these fantasies – remember spontaneity is the rule of this game!

Idea #5

Take a long bath or shower together, then afterward treat each other to a sensual massage. This is guaranteed to heat up the moment!
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Idea #6

Work out together. Go to a gym or get a good work-out video. This may tire you out at first, but will increase your energy for a romp later!

Idea #7

Rent a romantic movie, pop some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch. This always leads to fun-play!

Idea #8

Play Twister naked!

Idea #9

Go camping and only bring a one sleeping bag!

Idea #10

Use your romantic imagination! Take turns thinking of different scenarios to play with and have fun!

While these are just a few suggestions, the most important thing is to relax and be spontaneous. You just may find that in forgetting the technicalities of trying to conceive you will actually conceive!

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