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Female Hormone Balance: Natural Herbs for Hormone Balance

brenda albano

August 12, 2019

Female Hormone Balance Natural Herbs for Hormone Balance

So recently, we have been personally working with several women trying to conceive and found a product called Female Hormone Balance that has impressed us. Helping couples one on one has been our focus since we first started Infertility Workshop (a sister site) in 1998. One of the main factors we have noticed was common in a few of them was the slow rise after ovulation.  These women had cycles that were about 30-32 days in length.

We suggested they try a product that we have become very excited because it has the perfect combination of natural herbs for hormone balance, called Female Hormone Balance. There are many herbs that balance hormones but having the right, gentle combination is very important.

Female Hormone Balance WFP Infographics

For years we have been directing women towards these herbs as just the right way as to balance hormones. The key is not to shift the balance in the other hormonal direction. A product that has the correct combination and amount of each herb is a great find. The herbs included are Soy Isoflavones, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Licorice, Vitex Berry (herb powder), Red Clover, Sage Extract, False Unicorn (herb powder), Blessed Thistle, Red Raspberry Extract and Mexican Wild Yam.

The herbs in Female Hormone Balance are not only hormone balancing herbs but are great for clearing the liver, flushing chemicals after using birth control pill when trying to conceive, leveling LH and FSH and come with many other benefits as well.

Consider Cycle Balance Cream to help strengthen your luteal phase (post ovulation phase).

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Our most popular topic at Beyond Fertility is Reasons for Spotting and hormone imbalance can cause a short luteal phase defect and also a longer follicular phase. Imbalanced hormones can cause acne, miscarriage, low progesterone necessary for a healthy pregnancy (especially the first trimester) and a host of other spotting related issues.

Read more about it at the Female Hormone Balance site and read testimonies as well. Visit Whole Family Products or Beyond Fertility Shop to purchase.

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