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False Negative Pregnancy Test

Brenda Albano

September 3, 2019

False Negative Pregnancy Test

The Truth About Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

It is possible to be pregnant and receive a false negative pregnancy test. We’ve all seen the commercials promoting home pregnancy tests that can be used up to five days before the menstrual period is due. Many women run out to purchase these tests, paying large amounts for the ultra sensitivity.

Before you do, read the facts about such tests first.

Fact #1

There are cheap brands of home pregnancy tests that are as sensitive as those expensive brands. They all detect around 15-25 mIU of hCG – the hormone produced in pregnancy. Most of these tests will even pick up smaller amounts if given enough time to process.

Fact # 2

Many women will not produce enough hCG to be detected four or five days before their missed period. It all depends on when implantation takes place. When conception happens, the fertilized egg will float from the fallopian tube into the uterus. Once in the uterus it finds a good place to implant. This “floating” process can be as short as five days or as long as twelve days. If she implants on day five, then she should receive a positive pregnancy test four to five days before her cycle is due. However there is an “exception” in this fact.

The exception is that most of these tests that boast seeing a positive four to five days before the cycle is due is going the assumption that women have a fourteen day luteal phase. (The luteal phase is the time from ovulation till menstruation.) The truth here is that some women may only have a ten day luteal phase; therefore it would be impossible to have a positive pregnancy test four to five days early. OR the other factor is if a woman implants on day ten or twelve. She won’t see a positive pregnancy test either that early, no matter how sensitive the pregnancy test is.

Fact # 3

Unless you want to possibly be disappointed, it’s best to wait to test until around the time the menstrual period is due. Unless a woman is charting her fertility signs, she won’t know the length of her luteal phase, nor what day she ovulated. The advantage of charting would help to determine if using an ultra sensitive pregnancy test four to five days before her cycle is due is necessary. If you know your luteal phase is short at around ten days, then don’t test four to five days prior to the day the cycle is suppose to show, wait until the time the cycle is due to insure a true result. The main thing with these sensitive tests is false negatives if tested too early.

Fact # 4

The absolute best pregnancy sign is the missed period. Once the cycle is delayed, if you are pregnant, you are sure to see a positive on a pregnancy test, regardless of its sensitivity.

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