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Eliminate Your Doubts and Fears About the Benefits of Progesterone Cream

Brenda Albano

July 15, 2019

Progesterone Cream Learn The Benefits and Side Effects

Progesterone cream is made bio-identical to the hormone produced after a woman has ovulated. It is also known as the warm hormone and is what causes the rise in basal body temperature.

One of the tests a doctor will run to determine if a woman has indeed ovulated is a cycle day 21 test to measure the level of progesterone. The understanding, of course, is that “normally,” a woman is then 7 days post-ovulation. Though generally accurate, this isn’t always the norm and each woman is unique and different in when she actually ovulates.

When you have low progesterone, it can be detected by a blood test after ovulation or by charting your fertility signs. The best way to test though is through saliva testing such as with ZRT saliva hormone test kit. If you chart (see my articles on Charting Basics to learn how to effectively chart), you can tell if you have low progesterone if your basal body temperature stays at or below the cover line.

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Another sign of low progesterone is if the luteal phase (the time from ovulation to menstruation) is less than 10 days. As stated above, checking your progesterone levels is best done with a home hormone test kit that uses saliva instead of blood. Visit Beyond Fertility Shop to read more about these tests and about Fertile Balance, an organic progesterone cream, or Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Oil.

There are several things you can do to boost the progesterone level. One is to go to the doctor and get a prescription for progesterone suppositories and/or a prescription for a fertility drug like Clomid. (NOTE: Please read carefully what follows. We do NOT endorse the use of dangerous drugs such as Clomid or prescription progesterone. They are not a natural alternative and bring about their own issues.) Click to read about the dangers of Clomid.

The other three are to take vitamin B6 and/or vitex (See Natural Female Hormone Balance) which helps to regulate hormone levels and/or to use progesterone cream. Progesterone creams can also be purchased over the counter from our store – Fertile Balance Cream or Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Oil.

What Are the Side Effects of Progesterone Cream?

Progesterone cream side effects rarely occur. In fact, it offers many therapeutic effects.

Progesterone cream was once only marketed toward the menopausal woman. But it can have great benefits for all ages. The only difference is how often you use it and how much.

Usually, a good natural progesterone cream should be used after ovulation has been established – at 1 or 2 days post ovulation till either menstruation happens or even late in pregnancy. This is because if you have a low progesterone problem, then waiting until the placenta has taken over the corpus luteum in the production of progesterone is best. Even then, please wean off slowly.

Only use the best progesterone cream/oil you can find and apply it in the proper dosage. You can use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon twice a day–applied to the neck, chest, belly, thighs, inner arms, face, and hands–changing locations at least every 3 days. This is so the progesterone receptors do not become desensitized.

Does Progesterone Cream Make You Ovulate?

Many women question, “Can progesterone cream help me get pregnant?” But I cannot give an accurate nor specific answer.

What I do know is that while some people are skeptical about progesterone cream actually helping, one thing I’m fairly certain of is that it can’t hurt. And it did indeed help me and thousands of women we have helped since 1998.

With two chemical pregnancies, I wanted to be sure I was doing all I could to prevent them. I began using progesterone cream in September, and my luteal phase went from 13 to 15 days every month. Because my luteal cycle was short, it took a little time to get it longer and stronger, but 5 months later, I conceived and carried. Fertile Lady didn’t exist then to help with luteal phase defects.

So, whether or not it truly works, I don’t know. How long it takes for progesterone cream to work will depend on factors related to the quality of progesterone and the dosage. But I’m a believer in progesterone creams sold at Beyond Fertility Shop and I have been helping others in this way ever since!

A word of caution–I do not personally recommend taking oral supplements with wild yam in it unless you know it has been properly processed. In my research on progesterone creams, I have found that the progesterone produced in wild yams does not get used by the body unless it is processed a certain way.

Look for a cream with natural progesterone in it. Wild yam has to be converted to make a “natural progesterone” or a “progesterone USP” with the necessary results. Wild Yam Cream is not progesterone cream. They are a world apart.

Best Natural Balance Cream for Hormone Balance Infographics

Our best suggestions are Fertile Balance Cream or Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Oil. Balance Cream is the best natural progesterone cream I used to conceive and since then I have used others listed in the store with wonderful results, as have countless others. It depends only on your preference for ingredients, textures, and strengths.

Whether or not you think progesterone cream is right for you, research it for yourself. Like I said before, opinions vary widely on this subject and I’m merely offering my experience and opinion. As always, it’s best to seek the advice of your doctor or practitioner before using or taking any new health product.

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