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Curing and Preventing Headaches While Pregnant

Brenda Albano

July 16, 2019

Curing and Preventing Headaches While Pregnant | Beyond Fertility

Headaches seem to come with the many other wonders of pregnancy. The main cause of headaches is the change in your hormones. But you can’t just pop a few pain pills. After all, you’re creating a little one in your belly based in part on those things you pop into your mouth. So for now, you’ll have to try a few home remedies.

First of all, try to determine the cause of the headache. Are you stressed? Did you sleep enough last night? Worried about getting the crib up? Whatever the cause, knowing what brings on a headache is the first step to getting rid of it and preventing future ones.

Make sure you eat regularly. Hunger headaches can be some of the most intense ones you will ever get. Keep a few healthy snacks with you at all times. Now that you are pregnant, you may need to eat more often than before, and hunger may strike you at any moment. Stash them everywhere you are: in the car, in your purse, by the bed, and at work. Never go hungry.

Fatigue can cause all kinds of trouble. Headaches are only one of the symptoms of not getting enough rest. Your first trimester can be a very trying one. Don’t feel bad about napping during the day. If your body says sleep, then you need it. Just don’t overdo it. Too much sleep can cause headaches too.

Your pregnancy may be causing you some anxiety. Try to relax. Do calming meditation, take a warm bath, read a comforting book, or call a good friend to relax you. Keep your feet up for a few minutes and light a few candles. Just try not to overdo it, whether you work outside of the home or at home. Everybody needs a few minutes to relax every day, especially pregnant women. Stay in a calm and quiet place for at least 20 minutes a day. Even if you have to sneak away to the bathroom to get it … get some alone time.

Dress in layers, no matter the season. Pregnancy can cause your body temperature to change at the drop of a dime. Overcrowded rooms can cause headaches fast. If you are able to take off a few layers or put on a few to warm up, you are likely going to be able to avoid this kind of headache.

And lastly, don’t stress about the house being perfect for a baby. You’ll more than likely go through a nesting period and run around the house like a madwoman getting everything ready. If you don’t have anything left undone, what are you going to do during your nesting period? If family and friends offer to come over and help, let them. They may not have put the crib in the perfect spot, but you can move it later. At least it will be up.

Take time to enjoy this time; before too long, your baby will be here, and you’ll have a whole different reason for your headaches!

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