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Covid-19 and the Mystery Inflammatory Disease, Health Complications, and How to Ward Them Off

Brenda Albano

August 1, 2022

Covid-19 and the Mystery Inflammatory Disease, Health Complications, and How to Ward Them Off

The History of General Health Issues Due to Coronavirus

Covid-19, the pandemic, left the world at halt and doctors/medical specialists in a fix. COVID 19 and the mystery inflammatory disease along with the obvious respiratory problems quickly wreaked havoc on the world. Now economists are finding it difficult to manage the downhill economy, the medical specialists and still can’t seem to combat the lethal virus. In fact, Coronavirus’ behavior, like other viruses, have made it impossible for doctors to predict a definite course of action and prescribe medications accordingly. As always, boosting your immune system is perhaps the best plan of action.

In the current situation, it might be worthwhile to know about COVID 19 and the mystery inflammatory disease, the unpredictable behavior of the virus, any other known complications, and possible remedies for it. Read on to get a hold of the necessary information and useful immune boosting products.

At first, the coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms; include fever and a persistent cough. However, in adults of more than 65 years of age, the symptoms can be different; especially if comorbidities are present. This is not at all like the seasonal flu. These comorbidities can include heart disease, immunocompromised individuals, etc. In such cases, the symptoms can include pneumonia, chest pain, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms can be confusion, muscle ache, headaches, and coughing up blood (Hemolysis).

COVID 19 and the Mystery Inflammatory Disease

What we have most seen is that despite what some may have us believe, coronavirus spares the otherwise healthy children, teenagers, or young ones in their 20s. Then came reports of pediatric multipurpose inflammatory syndrome (P.I.M.S). Many children, when the virus first appeared, were hospitalized for this mysterious illness. It harmed kids’ hearts and other organs, often requiring intensive care.

Link to Covid-19

It was quickly linked to COVID-19 as most of the patients tested positive for the virus while others had antibodies meaning they were exposed to the coronavirus in one way or another. It was quickly understood that Covid-19 was the possible cause of this syndrome but there weren’t enough studies to provide adequate intelligent decisions on it and it seemed to disappear from the news as soon as it began.

Symptoms and Identification

Doctors finally attributed symptoms of the syndrome to Kawasaki disease, a condition that typically afflicts children under 5, causing their blood vessels to become inflamed. Both conditions result in widespread inflammation of blood vessels and other areas, but the only link is that of shared symptoms. Maybe Covid was too quickly linked and the interest died down.

How Coronavirus turned severe

The drama continued: The progression from mild to severe form of the coronavirus can occur very quickly. The infection usually starts from the nose. It then invades epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract. If the infection stays there, it causes mild disease. However, if the virus moves to the peripheral branches of the respiratory tree and lung tissue, it can trigger a more severe phase of the disease. In a more severe phase, the body can start to kill the infected cells along with the healthy ones. This can build up to a point where the lungs cannot recover physically leading to fatality.

Coronavirus and Immune System

Coronavirus has also been reported to cause blood clots in many patients. The virus’s effects on the immune system are linked to blood clotting issues. In some people, COVID-19 causes immune cells to release chemical signals that ramp up inflammation, being linked to coagulation and clotting in many ways. In fact, the virus seems to activate the complement system, a defense mechanism that triggers clotting. Laurence’s group found that small, clogged vessels in lung and skin tissue from people with COVID-19 were studded with complement proteins. All of these systems i.e. complement, inflammation, and coagulation have been interlinked, says Agnes Lee, director of the Hematology Research Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. “In some patients with COVID, all of those systems are kind of in hyperdrive.” So the virus can lead to an immune disorder which worsens the situation by affecting the bodily functions and vital organs, increasing the chance of fatality.

Medications for Coronavirus May Cause Overactive Immune Response

As doctors prescribed medicines to COVID-19 patients to boost their immune system in order to let their immune systems combat the virus itself, it seems they were overzealous and soon found that an overactive immune response might also make people severely ill or cause death. Some severely ill patients with COVID-19 had high blood levels of proteins called cytokines, which are known to trigger immune responses. These cytokines with Macrophages fuel inflammation and can damage normal lung cells as well. This is a severe condition caused by HIV as well, so patients must be prescribed with careful doses of medications so that unwanted response of the immune system can be avoided. A more thoughtful way of countering the coronavirus symptoms would have been to use natural ingredients and remedies instead of medications trying to force the unnatural.,

Combating the Coronavirus through Natural Remedies

Both the avoidance and recovery processes for coronavirus patients can be better managed by using something similar to the organic immune booster, Vitamin D and other natural immune boosting products and for countering the symptoms of COVID 19 and the mystery inflammatory disease. This should be an everyday plan for life. Keeping the immune system healthy is the best preparation should any new lab made virus come along. We have listed some very useful products to help ward off this lingering pandemic in an all-natural way.

Organic Immune Booster

Your best defense against the novel coronavirus and other viruses is having a strong immune system. The Organic Immune Booster and Super Immune Booster supplements at the Whole Family Products are at the top of our list. Specially formulated organic immune booster contains ingredients like elderberry, Moringa, oregano, astragalus, and vitamin C among others. These ingredients have been scientifically proven to help improve the immune system responses and normal functioning, which is highly desirable in the defense against the pandemic. Super Immune Booster has been a top selling immune boosting supplement for over 15 years.

Hemp Oil (blood thinner)

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is very beneficial for patients with problems like COVID-19 and the mystery inflammatory disease. Omega-3 oils balance out the inflammation and have been proven to be helpful in thinning the blood and opening blood vessels. Hemp oil also contains high levels of arginine, an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide in the body, which is essential for artery and vein dilation, helping keep blood vessel walls smooth and elastic. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation; a complication associated with the coronavirus P.I.M.S. Hemp oil a blood thinner, is the carrier oil for the active ingredient L-arginine in our Arginine Circulation Cream.

CBD Oils

CBD oils have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain and inflammation and help in healing swollen and stiff joints. This property is very handy in countering the inflammatory symptoms associated with the covid-19 P.I.M.S. Having all-natural CBD oils in your medical inventory at home might be very handy in the current pandemic situation.

Forskolin BP down

Forskolin supplement, according to new studies, offers a host of therapeutic effects to heart health. A strong heart is more likely to withstand the pressure which may occur due to clotting or narrowing down of blood vessels. The Forskolin BP Down supplement is specially formulated for maintaining a healthy heart which may also assist in normal blood pressure. Keeping it on hand might be essential at this point in time.


Bupleurum is a plant deemed very useful for human health. Its root is used as medicine by many people. Bupleurum is particularly useful for respiratory infections, including the flu (influenza), swine flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia; and symptoms of these infections, including fever and cough. These are characteristic symptoms for coronavirus, so Bupleurum might be the solution to the respiratory problems associated with the pandemic. Bupleurum supplement will strengthen your respiratory system naturally. Having an organic supplement of the Bupleurum plant can relieve the patients of covid-19 to a great extent.


Read this interesting story of how a son helped his mother who was dying of Covid to quickly recover after a near death ICU experience by introducing her, under a doctor’s recommendation to L-Glutathione.

Learn from our blog: L-Glutathione: Definition and Benefits

Bottom Line

As they say ‘Precaution is better than cure’, so staying safe from the pandemic is the safest option. Even though Covid is becoming the next flu, if you get ill, there’s no need to panic since most of the patients get well and the fatality rate gets lower with time. Take immune-boosting products like vitamin D and Super Immune Booster and pay attention to symptoms but don’t overthink it. We’ve come so far in two years and have a lot of questions about what is true, what was once thought to be true and where we go from here. Staying healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle is your best defense.

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