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3 Baby’s Common Skin Irritations and How To Ease Them

Brenda Albano

September 3, 2019

Common Skin Irritations In Infants

When my first daughter was born, I expected her to come out with beautifully soft, clear, pink skin. My dreams were realized the day she was born. Her skin was wonderfully smooth, soft, and just beautiful. A few days later, blemish-free skin began to change. Little pimples started to break out on her nose, cheeks, and forehead. As a new mother, I was completely baffled by this new skin problem. Those little pimples were only the first of many baffling skin irritations!

1. Baby Acne

Those little pimples, or whiteheads, are actually baby (infant) acne. These usually occur within the first few weeks of life. The cause? Mom’s hormones are still coursing through the baby’s little body, causing a minor outbreak of little pimples. Fortunately, they usually go away within a few weeks. Just remember, do not scrape, scratch, or pop them! That can cause further irritation, infection, or scarring.

2. Eczema

Eczema won’t appear on every infant. In fact, it has been determined that Eczema is actually a genetic skin irritation. Eczema appears as a red, scaly, irritated area. It can cause itching and spread to several areas. The most common areas for it to appear are behind the ears, on the elbows, and behind the knees. This doesn’t mean that it will be limited to these areas. It can appear almost anywhere on a baby’s body. Most doctors will suggest sensitive skin products, and lotions to help keep the Eczema at bay. If it is a severe case, prescription topical lotions may be necessary.

3. Heat Rash

The appearance of a heat rash can be somewhat alarming. Tiny red bumps can appear in a smattering of areas. It can be very uncomfortable for the baby and cause itching and pain in the affected areas. The best way to battle heat rash is to keep the affected areas cool and dry. Do not overdress the baby, and keep the baby in a cool area until healed.

These are three of the most common infant skin irritations. While they can be alarming, careful care and cleansing usually work best. If you ever have a question about a skin condition with your infant, always contact your physician!

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