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3 Causes for False Negative Pregnancy Test and 3 Vital Tips to Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

Brenda Albano

April 11, 2021

3 Causes for False Negative Pregnancy Test and 3 Vital Tips to Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

False Negative Pregnancy Test

How to maintain a healthy pregnancy

You have all the signs of being pregnant: missed period, morning sickness, nausea… But when you took a pregnancy test you got a negative result. It is as if taking a home pregnancy test is not daunting enough, but getting a false negative is even more discouraging.

What are the 3 causes of false negative pregnancy test results?

1. You took the test too early

You might have ovulated later than you thought. If this happens, it means that your body did not have enough pregnancy hormones, called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced by your body when you are pregnant.

If you do not have enough hCG in your urine, a home pregnancy test kit will not be able to give you a positive result.

2. Faulty home pregnancy kit

A home pregnancy kit may seem trivial, it is just a kit! But we all know that a home pregnancy kit’s symbol is much deeper than the actual plastic material. It signifies a new life, a new family, a new celebration!

So when companies that manufacture home pregnancy kits proclaim that their product is 99% accurate, it gives a sense of assurance. However, according to a study by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, 5% of pregnancy kit tests give false-negative results.

This is why it is better for you to consult your obstetrician to confirm your pregnancy before feeling discouraged.

3. User error

To err is human… To avoid this, make sure that you have thoroughly read the instructions and perform it step-by-step.

Now that you know how to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of false negative pregnancy tests, it is time to learn how to boost your chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.


What is the role of progesterone in pregnancy?

According to studies, progesterone stimulates the secretion of Th2 while simultaneously reducing the Th1 cytokines. These terms may be unfamiliar, so let’s make it simple

Th1 and Th2 or your T Helper cells play an important role in your immune system. It is important that your body reduces the production of Th1 to protect the fetoplacental unit from being attacked by your immune system. Because, even though the fetus is developing inside you, it is still a foreign body that is not physiologically part of your body.

Studies have shown that progesterone is a vital hormone that creates a suitable environment for your baby. Studies indicate that progesterone supplementation for those who are TTC or are pregnant is recommended.

You might want to look into progesterone as a pregnancy-maintaining hormone that balances your bodily functions.

Now that you already understand the role of progesterone and why you need it during pregnancy, we have a few vital tips on how to keep your pregnancy healthy.

What should I do to make sure I stay pregnant?

Some of you may have experienced a miscarriage or perhaps some of you are currently experiencing a weak pregnancy. We understand the frustration, fear, and disappointment. That is why we have some recommendations that can help you maintain your pregnancy by giving your body the boost it needs and sustaining a healthy environment for your baby.

1. Eat healthily – stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates; instead, opt for something that is high in fiber. Additionally, you would also want to replace your meat protein with plant-based protein, which is much more healthful. Never skimp on fruits and vegetables.

2. Prenatal multivitamins and red raspberry leaf – the red raspberry sounds soothing, and it is, actually! But that is not all that raspberry leaf is for. According to a study, it can decrease preterm and post-term labor and it can also decrease the difficulty when giving birth.

3. Progesterone cream – yup! We have a cream just for you. So keep reading.

How can progesterone cream help?

Progesterone can help you in maintaining a nurturing environment inside your womb and one way of increasing it is by using progesterone cream.

Progesterone cream can be easily absorbed by your body. This makes it effective in helping you increase your immune system and decreases the production of your Th1, which is not good for both of you and the baby if not properly regulated.

What sets our progesterone apart from others?

Our Cycle Balance and Cycle Balance Plus cream are special because they undergo a method called cold-process. This means that it is not heated, thus preserving the natural progesterone’s efficacy. Plus, because it is not heated, your body can easily absorb it. Cold-processed means better bio-availability.

How to apply progesterone cream?

We actually have three types of cream that are highly effective in helping you conceive and maintain your pregnancy.

1. Cycle Balance Plus Cream and Cycle Balance Cream (same process but without the herbal combination of the PLUS cream) both are Cold Processed. This cream was made from 10 potent herbs such as Vitex Berry, Partridge Berry, and Dandelion Root. One of its most important benefits is that it strengthens your uterus while pregnant and can help sustain pregnancy and decrease the possibility of miscarriage. Additionally, it increases your blood circulation. Also known to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

2. Balance Cream – heated but with essential oils to draw it in Balance Progesterone Cream has the same effect of helping with hormonal imbalance. Any of these creams are safe before and after pregnancy. All are effective but Balance Progesterone Cream’s main customer base seems to be for help regulating the menstrual cycle, to reduce weight gain, breast tenderness, and mood swings, and it also decreases the occurrence of menstrual cramps due to inflammation.

3. Fertile Balance Organic Progesterone Cream – organic ingredients and oils
Then there is progesterone cream for those who love organic, especially if TTC. If you are looking for organic ingredients then Fertile Balance Cream might be the cream for you.

How to use:

The recommended amount and that which is often used in studies, per application is 20-30 mg – usually about ¼ teaspoon in most brands. Apply it to any parts of your body that have thin skin such as the forearm, neck, ankle, and chest. You may apply any of these creams directly to your skin.

In Summary

Pregnant or not, maintaining a certain level of progesterone in your body is one of the keys to hormonal balance. However, for pregnant women or those who are TTC, it is best to read about how to use progesterone cream; when and how much before getting pregnant and to help you maintain a sustainable and safe environment for your baby inside your womb.

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