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Baby Shower Party: 4 Important Ideas On How To Be Prepared

Brenda Albano

December 27, 2020

Baby Shower Party 4 Important Ideas On How To Be Prepared

Whether it’s your first, fourth, or adopted baby, a baby’s arrival is always special and exciting to look forward to.

A Baby Shower party has been an American joyous custom where family and friends ‘shower’ the soon-to-be-mom with gifts for herself and the new baby. The unique thing about a baby shower party is the hostess is not the pregnant woman but someone close to her — a sister, mom, or close friend. And yes, like any other party, it needs careful preparation to be successful.

How to Prepare for a Baby Shower Party

In this article we’re discussing the traditional baby shower party. With people so busy with their own agendas in life, not to mention the social-distancing necessity, a baby’s arrival would certainly necessitate a large chunk of time. So, how to prepare for a baby shower party? The first thing a baby shower party hostess needs on her list is the availability of the expectant mother and father, and the second is to know the funds available in order to budget properly. Prep-work beforehand using a well-thought-out checklist really pays off. If you start about 4 weeks before the party, then you’ll really be on top of things, and printing out a checklist to keep you on track every step of the way is a must. A checklist includes the following:

1. Timing

It is a rule of thumb to hold the party about 6-8 weeks before the baby is due. This is wise so as not to risk the party being interrupted by labor pains. The length of the party can be indicated in the invitation to give time for guests to plan their day and the mom-to-be to prepare herself so as not to become exhausted.

2. Theme

the atmosphere of the party is everything! Even the most ordinary party will be extra-special if all the decorations, invitations, games, and food are done with a theme in mind. Themes can go around Noah’s Ark or rubber duckies but you can also be creative or search the web for ideas. Color themes are cool, too. Even the guests will enjoy the gift ideas that come with a theme.

3. Venue and Guest list

Depending on your budget, you can limit your guest list and decide on a venue that fits the budget. If you want an intimate baby shower, the host can invite just the closest family and friends to their home or to another venue. The guest list needs to be ironed out two weeks before the event to finalize food preparations.

4. Food and Fun

Not-easily spoiled food is best on the menu, just in case fewer guests appear on the day of the party. You can never predict the outcome of a party, but having fun is your goal as the hostess. You want to pick games suitable for the ages attending, but there are some classics that everyone will enjoy, including Baby Bingo and Word Scrambles. But there are custom-designed baby shower games you can print and play. Make certain that amidst the fun, the parents and the baby feel special. One way to accomplish this is to take a lot of photos and videos in order to make it memorable for the guest of honor!

You can also opt for the modern form of baby shower, called Virtual Baby Shower, where a mom-to-be can throw her own shower. Setting up is quick and easy, with matching themes and invites. Gift registries and hosting are done online. This opens new possibilities, such as making the baby shower available for everyone whom you wish to invite, even those across the globe! No worries about a guest list.

Gender Reveal

If you want to do gender reveal during the baby shower, then perhaps you could use neutral colors or use two colors, such as blue and pink. One of the games would be to guess the baby’s gender, making the gender reveal a surprise highlight of the party. However, if you prefer the gifts to match the baby’s gender, you can have a gender reveal party weeks before the baby shower, or a simple gender reveal can be placed on the baby shower invitation.

Gift Registry

A gift registry is a practical method for parents-to-be to use. The list of gifts will help parents be certain that they are prepared for the baby’s arrival. Also, a registry for gifts can make it more convenient for your guests. You can also open up your registry for less expensive options. Online gift registry is especially convenient for guests from afar.

DIY Baby Shower Party

A DIY Baby Shower Party would be more intimate and lighter on the pocket. If you’re the creative type, DIYing is the best. A smattering of the parents’ ideas and values can be put into play during the party. There are tons of DIY decors and invites available online for your consideration.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect party, so don’t stress trying to ensure absolutely everything is perfect. Who knows, maybe your guests will get stuck in traffic and arrive late, or the dog will eat your entree, or you will have a power failure right before the party. Be open to the unexpected, just relax, and enjoy the moment!

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