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Antihistamines: A Big No-No During Pregnancy?

Brenda Albano

September 11, 2019

Antihistamines A Big No-No During Pregnancy

The winter months are headed our way, and as everyone knows, they bring colds, sinus problems and viruses with them. If you are pregnant, this can pose a bigger problem, as you have to be cautious about which medications you take for your symptoms. One of the most common over the counter medications used during the winter months is antihistamines.

During pregnancy, it is always important to discuss any medications with your doctor. While many antihistamines are safe, there are some that have been associated with birth defects.

Different doctors will recommend different antihistamines. For instance, some doctors will give you the thumbs up for Benadryl, while others will advise you not to take it. This is why it is so important to discuss the use of antihistamines with your doctor.

If you feel those sniffles coming on, don’t let it get you down. If your doctor doesn’t recommend using a particular antihistamine, there are always other ways to ease your symptoms.

Making sure to have the amino acids necessary for pregnancy and fertility is necessary as well. Munching on a high protein snack is helpful for this.

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