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Beyond Fertility Affiliate Program

Brenda Albano

September 3, 2019

Beyond Fertility Affiliate Program is exciting!  We are so excited to offer you an affiliate program on all our products and services.  Our affiliate program below is for Whole Family Products which includes the Fertility Tracker, Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream, Female Hormone Balance, Fertile Lady, Mojo Rx and many other diet and weight loss, probiotics and immune boosting products all great for fertility. You can sign up at Whole Family Products  or Beyond Fertility Shop which has its own fertility affiliate program.

Fertility Affiliate Program

We are sure you and your family, friends and associates will love our products and our customer service.

Joining our affiliate program is very simple to set up, to use and to earn money. This program is for links at Whole Family Products only. Visit our Beyond Fertility Shop with its own fertility affiliate program as well.

  1. Simply click on the link below.
  2. Sign up for account number and add your information. Do not worry about your private, secure information; it is not needed until the time for us to pay your commissions.
  3. Make sure you keep a valid working email address on file. You can change your information at any time.
  4. Take the links to your site and link them to your own images, as text links only or use our images provided.
  5. Make sure to keep your information; user and password handy. Save it in a safe place.
  6. Click to join our program today. This will take you to the secure server sign up page.
  7. You will be given your own number / affiliate ID when you sign up. An email will be sent to you as an admin address for checking your sales performance.
  8. Click here and enter your admin user and password information:
    Check your reports anytime.
  9. Place the links on your site and we take care of all the shipping and customer service. You sit back and write a little content and reap the rewards of your hard work. Please do not take the information from our site completely. The ingredients and images are fine but you should develop your own content. It is a sure way for you to lose your rank in the search engines; to have duplicate content from another site.
  10. A cookie is stored for 90 days from the time your customer clicks on our site, through your link. This means that their sales for subsequent orders within that amount of time will count towards your affiliate sales, as well.

Paying you for your affiliate sales and how  are orders tracked.:

  • We honor a generous 90 days return cookie so you will be paid on orders generated up to 90 days from the first order, or from their subsequent orders provided that they have purchased each time within 90 of the previous order. They have 90 days to revisit our site if they did not purchase on their previous visits.
  • You will earn 15% of each sale if you are the primary referrer. If someone purchases through your link and then signs up for the affiliate program you will be paid 5% of everything they sell and they will then make 15% of whomever they refer through links. You will still maintain the 15% level of their purchases, as they are still your customers.
  • For those generating sales over $1000 in one month’s time, we will reward you with an extra 5% and an additional 5% per $1000 up to 40%.
  • Sales go from the 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month. Then on the 10th of the next month we will tally all sales and pay for that period of time. There is a wait time to cover opportunity for reversal or return.  This is very uncommon but can happen.
    To be clear: On February 10th all orders from December 15th – January 14th will be paid out. On March 10th all orders from January 15th – February 14th will be tallied and the check or paypal (your choice) will be paid.
  • There are 3 stipulations to this payout at that time: We must have a valid tax ID number on file, the amount is at least $15 and you verify the email we send before the payment so that we are sure you are still available for payment. Any payments under $15 will be held until the following month or until the payment threshold is reached.

Our Affiliate Program links can be used at the product websites as well. Be sure to check back often for new products and be sure to include the proper links in your code.

Visit our contact page if you would like to send us an email. God bless you.


“Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.” Proverbs 16:8.

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