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About Beyond Fertility

There are two stories behind and about Beyond Fertility. One is Brenda’s and one is Lori’s:

about beyond fertilityMine, Brenda, started in 1998 and goes well beyond fertility but into menopause for many of the women I have worked with since the beginning.  I started a site called InfertilityWorkshop.com in 1998.  I had 7 miscarriages and 5 live births in my fertile years.  Little did I know that my pregnancy with Benjamin (our 4th of 5 living children), would be the beginning of something huge; Infertility Workshop.

I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomiting and dehydration during pregnancy) and I just wanted to jump in and help the world with so many of the things I had learned and used; like natural progesterone cream, balancing herbs like those found in Female Hormone Balance, essential fatty acids and a LOT about changing diet, juicing and eating for baby, not just me.  We both share a love of helping families get healthier and we made a good team.  My main thrust was to better develop and improve a protocol for using natural progesterone cream to shutdown a cycle for healing purposes over a 3 month period.

Another wonderful part of all of this was to start a natural health supplements store online company called Whole Family Products with the best natural products we can find, maximum results, at a price you can afford, and with the support, everyone deserves and desires.

Our informational sites, for example, MenoBalance Cream, include menopausal information for those who are beyond fertility and looking for supplements and natural, bio-identical hormone creams for the menopause years.

Lori’s story, our co-writer on Beyond Fertility, was born back in 2001 following several years of research she did about (human) fertility. She continues to write and is now a mother of 6 children.

Through 16 months of trying to conceive her 3rd baby she came to the self-education of (human) reproduction through the reading of many books, magazines, websites, speaking with doctors, nurses and others traveling the same path to parenthood as well as my own personal experiences.

It was Lori’s desire to share with others what she have learned, to offer information, support and advice on preconception, pregnancy, babies and breastfeeding. We met up when she began to purchase products through Whole Family Health that helped with the journey to parenthood – things I would have loved to have back when I began this journey myself.

Enjoy the journey – and remember education is knowledge and knowledge is power but only perfect love can cast out your fear.  Trust in God for your fertility and come to us for whatever help we can give.

Brenda Albano is the main blogger for BeyondFertility.com and founder of InfertilityWorkshop.com, Whole Family Products, MenoBalance Cream, Balance Cream, and other health blogs and natural health product sites.

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