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12 Abnormal Spotting Possibilities You Should Know

Brenda Albano

August 6, 2019

12 Abnormal Spotting Possibilities | Beyond Fertility

Organic Progesterone Cream Fertile Balance” Abnormal Spotting ” can be spotting in early pregnancy, spotting when a period is due, or for many other reasons and seasons.

Abnormal spotting shows up at times other than those mentioned in Normal Spotting. The causes of abnormal spotting vary, and they are not all related to your cycle.

  1. Usually lasts for days.
  2. It’s abnormal to spot for several days before your menstrual cycle is due, but it’s not abnormal spotting when it is just for part of a day.
  3. One common cause of spotting several days before the menstrual cycle is due is low progesterone. It is the hormone progesterone that helps to maintain the uterine lining during pregnancy. When pregnancy occurs, the progesterone should keep the lining in place and fluffed up to hold on and nest the new life. In a cycle without the occurrence of pregnancy, progesterone begins to diminish and when the progesterone level drops, the lining is no longer held in place and the menstrual cycle occurs.
  4. For women who are deficient in progesterone, they will see spotting several days to a week before their cycle is due. This can also cause minor infertility and early miscarriage. Both are symptoms of low progesterone.
  5. For women who have estrogen dominance, meaning that their estrogen and progesterone are out of proportion to what they should be. This can mean that there is a larger than normal amount of blood on the endometrial lining and it is sloughing off prematurely.
  6. Preterm labor and placenta previa can be suspected because of spotting.
  7. Placenta previa concern, which occurs later in pregnancy, should be checked by your doctor. There is pressure on the placenta being that it is under the baby instead of above or aside.
  8. It can be from the beginning of cysts, when they occur regularly at ovulation time each month.
  9. Abnormal spotting is possible from STDs. Check with your doctor if you believe you have reason to be concerned about unprotected sex, especially with multiple partners.
  10. Fibroids feed on our iron stores and are often suspected because of abnormal spotting and anemia.
  11. Abnormal spotting can be an early sign of cancer of any of the feminine organs. Have your doctor check you out if you have any other symptoms. Mayo clinic is an excellent place to check for symptoms of the warning signs of cancer.
  12. Our Menopause category / premenopause might be helpful as well if you believe you have moved into this season.

Basically, abnormal spotting is anytime spotting persists, is not followed up by a period, or isn’t determined to be from implantation.

If you have abnormal spotting regularly, consider having your hormones checked and / or looking into herbs or natural progesterone to bring them back into balance.

PhytoEstrogen Cream for Menopausal Symptom Relief Infographics

If you have not already been there, see our page: Reasons for Spotting. There are many reasons for abnormal spotting and these are just a few. A balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, proper supplementation, and being aware of your bodily changes is your best defense and figuring out your reason and combating it naturally.

If you have “normal spotting” often, it may be time to have your hormones checked or consider supplementing with a little natural progesterone cream. You might be at the beginning of a hormone imbalance.

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