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“What is the best way to track fertility?”  is a common question we receive.  At Beyond Fertility we have many solutions starting with the digital basal thermometer, Fertility Tracker, tips on how to check cervical position or even OvaCue Monitors for those who can spend a fortune on tracking fertility. Don’t get me wrong because the OvaCue Monitor is an exceptional product.  It is just that most cannot afford something like this when a Fertility Tracker is around $40 and a digital basal thermometer is less than $10.

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The best way to track fertility is the one that is best for you.  Tracking fertility is a personal decision because some methods can be invasive or tedious.  Our top three methods of fertility tracking follow but you might want to read about checking cervical position as well.

Digital Basal ThermometerThermal method of tracking fertility is for you if you have the steadfastness and memory to take your temperature immediately upon waking. For you something as simple as a digital basal thermometer is just fine.  You have to remember to keep a chart of the temperatures each day. Remember to lie still and just reach over to get the thermometer gently so you do not change your temperature from movement and do not go to the bathroom or get up first.

Fertility Tracker saliva ferning ovulation prediction microscopeIf you would like some a little more visual and simple to use then a Fertility Tracker is perfect for tracking fertility for you.  Just lick the slide after waking up and wait until it dries to see your results.   Make sure to lick the slide before eating or drinking.

OvaCue MonitorIf you can afford the OvaCue Monitor then you may find it to be a helpful tool for fertility tracking.  The OvaCue keeps track of your previous results and comes with software to put it all together.

If you are someone who feels insecure about reading the signs of fertility or understanding results of tracking fertility don’t worry.  That is why we are here.  Send us your comments and questions about how to track fertility.

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