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Answering the question:  “What is douching?  And is it safe?”[WIDGET1]

You’ve seen the commercials, the promise of freshness anytime. All contained in a box you can buy at your local store – and every woman should use them – after all, if you don’t then you are DIRTY.Well, I say DON’T believe everything a commercial tells you, especially in this area, especially if you are trying to conceive.

Douching can in fact be detrimental to the procreation act. I know, the commercial states that without their product you’ll not be quite as fresh or quite as clean. And they make it sound like you really need to use them especially after “that” time of the month.

But the truth is the vagina is self-cleaning. Unless you have a medical condition that requires douching (and if you do your doctor will have “prescribed” a douche for you) then you really don’t need to douche even after “that” time of the month. In fact simple daily bathing with soap and water is sufficient.

Douching can hurt your chances of conception by washing away all the good fertile quality cervical fluid and can dry out the vagina making penetration much more difficult; especially if you have a problem with not  producing enough fertile quality cervical fluid. And if you like to douche after intercourse you are washing away the sperm and that totally counter acts the act of conception.

Douching can also introduce bacteria to the vagina thus infecting the environment which is why douching should only be used when prescribed by a physician. Infections can hinder conception and cause uncomfortable symptoms.

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